Gross Beat Tutorial – Everything You Need To Know – FL Studio 20

In this video I show you everything you need to know about the Gross Beat plugin. This plugin can be used in almost any DAW but comes stock in FL Studio 20 Signature Edition. It is an incredibly powerful Time and Volume manipulation tool and hopefully this video helps you unlock it’s full potential.

Time Stamps –
0:30 – What is Gross Beat?
2:05 – Basic Overview
2:45 – Volume Manipulation
3:50 – Sidechaining Bass
5:00 – De Clicking Audio
5:50 – Editing the Envelope
8:20 – Automating the Plugin / Switching Patterns
10:40 – Time Effects
13:40 – Advanced Effects

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LEDSchatten says:

At 14:30 things just got LIIIIIIIIIIIIT!

Gofish says:

This is exactly what i am looking for. I have been searching for a way of automating pitch/time shifts. Thank you

GuitarHeroMusic191 says:

Wow, I’ve used gross beat in pretty much every song I make and I never really understood it fully I just experimented so much with it to figure it out, but now it makes a lot more sense after watching this haha, I love using the pulse and wave time manipulation patterns to make really weird bass

Neil Chhag says:

Very well articulated, loved it.

vishal jagtap says:

thank you.

Michael Copeland Jr. says:

Man these are great informative videos!

Abhishek Bhuyan says:

You don’t know how much this video means to me. Been hounding helplessly on the internet for months and this shows up in my recommended, and lo! I am now a master of gross beat (jk). But i now know the entire interface. Thanks for the help.

Play says:

Just want to thank you for your work here and for inspiring me to buy fl studio 20 signature yesterday.

b0Bo@423RapTuneZ says:

Such a great tutorial!!!!! Thank you! You are a LEGEND 😀

Preston Wade says:

I can’t pick my nose if you continue to stare at me.

stan creation says:

where is the link of
smart visualizer ?????????

Dnay5454 says:

ok but how to you get gross beat onto one sound or pattern instead of the whole mix?

Decibel Decimation says:

Did Benedict Cumberbatch and Myles Kennedy have a child together???

Gutter Cory says:

Image-Line NEEDS to be paying you for showing all their customers how to use their product. You have better tutorials than the Image-Line tutorials… hahaha… no cap…

Kevin Falk says:

I was hoping that there is a possibility to tap the right click points with my keyboard in. I think this way would be very natural

Alex Maxwell says:

just wanna recognise the effort u put in to upload the video and record it before final render to show where the time stamps would be

jlzerowq says:

Love this guy’s videos man!

Jarek Lit says:

Sometimes I got confused about the way it works, that’s why I only use half speed preset.

Pankaj Kumar says:



i’ve been using gross beat for years but never realized there was a wet/dry knob for time and volume until now. wow. it was so obvious. how did i not notice it??

Sr T says:


Shurath says:

Can you use it in 6/4?

Gautier Lamimolle says:

Inspiring video and great job with the explaining.
Towards the end you say that this plugin is about (for beginners) trying out presets or modifying presets to make something sound good rather than understanding everything the plugin does, for me that’s the most important point and I think you should have said that right at the start of the video. But again, great job !

Rick Scott 808 says:

Bro you helped me a lot. I had gross beat for a while . Never got the hang of it. Stuff just wasn’t coming out right. I stop pause ur video so much it crazy. Lol I finally know how to do some stuff on there. U broke it down really good for me to understand. It was a big,big help. Thank you for this video. I subcribed

TNTSquid 【mio9】 says:

3:56 *S I D E C H A I N* (admit it we’re using grossbeat just for this)

Luke lulz says:

can you edit mp3 sounds on gross beat someone plz answer

Pankaj Kumar says:


Ts17_Fact says:

I bought the Producer Fl studios 20
, I saw this plugin for 89 euro’s on the Fl studio site but I have it in my Fl studios now as well. I haven’t bought gross beat though, is there an explanation?

Spoofy Media says:


Schuck Productions says:

all i get is a bunch of clicking and poping

Vaishno KMR says:

Hey, can you tell us how to prevent crash and cpu and better workflow in professional project

楓刃 says:

Thank you 😀

musicislife92 says:


Guilherme Freitas says:

ok but when I use gross beat in my melody it automatically modifies my beat as well and I wan t gross beat modification only on the melody. If someone knows what IM talking about please help.

Monolith says:

This plugin is crazy.

Veni U says:

I usually use it for vocal chops to give them kinda like a glitch effect but damn its an awesome plugin with many uses!!

Aaron James says:

is it true that there is no gross beat if i have a mac?

Bast Ian says:

Putting it on the master is just awesome.. thanks for the tips!

Kennedy Bishop says:

you sound so professional

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