HARDSTYLE TUTORIAL SERIES – Melody’s, scales and chords! (Beginner’s tutorial) [FL STUDIO 12]

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FreeControlz DJ/PRO says:

I like that one, I need some more help, because every1 that try to make hardstyle have sylenth1 or Nexus, But i haven’t both of them, so could you please make a hardstyle tutorial with only FL studio 12 plugins???

Flexxx says:

Hi D-Tunez! Just wanted to say that there is actually a function in Fl.Studio that lets you highlight a scale of ur choosing and in a key of ur choosing. Its aswell under Helpers in the piano roll.

PyroPeach says:

As much as I appreciate the tutorial, this melody is actually in G# minor, which is the relative minor of B major. As the root note of the scale, a melody in B major would consist fundamentally of B, E, and F#. I only know this because I’ve made the same mistakes in the past and them corrected by musicians. I hope it helps in growing your understanding of music and producing.

Eyeblast says:

Thank you so much. I produce music as a hobby but never really produced anything great. This helps me a lot and inspires me to produce better tracks. Appreciate the effort in making these tutorials!

Hrithik says:

how to write uplifting melodies

Cody DJ says:

Hi, great tutorial 🙂 what’s the name of this sylenth bank?

Saosinn says:


AYMEN ARolin says:

this is good tutorial

Sayak Ghosh says:

Nice intro

Mega Stunter says:

Hè Een nederlander

keven Dark says:

very good hardstyle 🙂

PuReXtreme Gaming says:

Thankyou so much for these tutorials! ive been trying to follow through your old video with no commentary and i feel this will be much eaiser to follow because of the commentary and steps, thankyou!!

I know what ill be doing tommorow all day! haha 🙂

werner Nydegger says:

Hello D-Tunez can you also do a tutorial in German? Please, I do not speak English well. Find your videos great

Sean Ragan says:

mate.legit watched this about 3 weeks ago and had no idea what was going on, few weeks later and after abit of music education, this fully made sense. thanks so much.

TrenchWave says:

I am a subscriber now. #Hardstylefam

Wouter Van Kempen says:

ben je nederlands?

Damian-killer123 says:

Deze tutorial is een stuk beter dan de vorige! Keep going!

Joris Dubouloz says:

Very noob question but what is the purpose of putting a sampler at very begining, need help to understand 😉

Cristian Gonzalez says:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us that we really want to be producers and waiting for more tutorials. MORE TUTORIALS!

Martijn Peeters says:

Dankje man ik heb echt moeite met akoorde hopelijk helpt dit me verder

YUNG X PAT says:


Firegame 354 says:

OMG good work i want to hear the full track

Marigold says:

Ik ga gokken dat je nederlands bent, jouw accent is heel erg nederlands haha

Chinmoy Das says:

nice one

GattoMusic says:

Is die intro ook echt met Da Tweekaz?

Rodrigo Bertoche says:

15:25 that isn’t the sound of Lessons of Love by Headhunterz?

VONTi says:

Nice tutorial and relaxing 😀

Rawand xoshnaw says:

I have an idea for you open a live for the people to help them what them want is a good for us

Florian Dupuy says:

Awesome !! We – Want – More ! We – Want – More !
The skills I really miss is making the synth layers for lead and chords… Hope you’ll do a tutorial about that !
Thanks for sharing man !

Dj D-Fender says:

mag ik van die melodie een qlimax anthem van maken ??

Mr. Koller says:

Is er ook iets vergelijkbaars als Sylenth1 in FL STUDIO 20?

Ray Lee says:

So scale : do re mi fa so la ti do?


no creativity allowed

Namklaww says:

Nice tutorial, I learned a lot! Finally! ‘More please:)

Greg Nykiel says:

Is the new version of sylenth1 avalaible for fl??

Douglas E says:

Hello D-Tunez! Can you explain why you leave the first fourth of a bar empty in the chords? is it so the hardstyle kick has room to breathe in the mix? Or is it just because of a rhythm thing? I cannot grasp why because when I do it, it just sounds very awkward in my drop. I am also trying to take this tip with some other genres so it might be why. Thank you! Cheers! 😀

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