Heavy Metal Rock Tutorial using FL Studio 12

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Walking Talking Stephen Hakwing says:

Lol, I’ve typed Death Grips FlStudio into the search bar and this popped up.

Ryan Stewart says:

Because of this video I was able to make some shredding riffs. Depending on some notes I would run through hardcore for mixing to beef up the distortion and sound more metal.

Thank you for this tutorial!

Salamander MC says:

Fl Slayer + Guitar Rig 5 =DOPE

1101 2202 says:

you just made a soundtrack off a WWF game on the N64.

eXempt Band Official says:

does it djent tho…

PinkGamer 125 says:

where is fl slayer 2?

Thầy Phán says:

How to make trap beats with slayer PLSSSSSSSSS

Ayan Vená says:

Genial, me encanta como suena con el reverb

Koolteeth1 says:

Thanks for using and showing Slayer, one of those plugins FL must earn more respect.

D.F.M.F says:

i wish there where more videos like these, i mean i love the other stuff but this is really thinking out side the box

OmariLiveHD says:

I never did get along with FL Slayer. If I didn’t play guitar myself, I think I’d either hire a session musician or purchase samples rather than use this.

Edzi07 says:

I have fl studio 12 i think 12.3 but i always seem to have less options than you, i don’t have HQ metal kit

Q-tîp Beatz says:

this good sir. can you make me tuto Mastering beat with Ozone 7?

Music Envelope says:

Wish I had watched this video before creating my song Radioactive Termites. Perhaps at some point I will revise it. ^_^

Ur daily memes says:

Do a linkin park type beat please

BitNow Channel says:


prannoy roy says:

I never felt slayer works this much cool
Loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Yotrymp says:

One thing that might help even more is to slightly put some notes off beat to humanize things. At least VERY slightly. Drums probably need it less, but you can make the guitar relatively sloppy sometimes.

HVZE 7 says:

nice Tutorial….. i dont know how to get HQ Metal kit…..

Killah Drill says:

Wtf is that

An Underdog says:

This is kinda cute that you did that game 😀 Appreciated. Feels very weird to me, coming from metal and initially learning from this channel to do some Beats and what not also helped me greatly improove everything related to fl studio which I still have to use even for my Metal recordings. Suddenly I see a rock related video was kind of funny 😀

WelLemo n says:


MikeyBoi says:

is fl slayer 2?

MasterOfKpop says:

Why not use *Shreddage 2* or *The Odin* by KONTAKT. Slayer sounds so robotic. Not humanized at all.

Marvin Bennett says:

rock/metal/new jack swing you just do it all huh bruh.go head busy works beats.com

themaster1124 says:

Just about every music I create uses FL Slayer. Even though you don’t hear my music. Someone here might say to me “well that’s why your music sounds like crap.” No. With the right dampness settings and the use of automation clips/event editor, Fl Slayer can make some Nirvanna or PearlJam like Distorted Guitars and Chugggs!

Capsal Media says:

how to add those plugins .can any one tall me pleasa

tiqueque says:

lol if anyone watches draegast that was his old intro animation

King Keshu says:

hey, please help me. can you help me please??

No Future says:

You dont know anything about metal. You want to make a Metal song? Grab a guitar and play a killer riff.

Aladdim Project says:

Flp free ???? please kkk

Pejuang Tambun says:

Goood very gd

Havox Aerthis says:

Holy moly it sounds so great, I wanna start that right now !

CyberLyric Promo says:

what plugins did i need ?

Pavel Berov says:

yo that soynds like the opening of tmnt

8o8inSquares says:

Sounds great but you missed out the important part, is the bass guitar
(also I didn’t watch the video completely, maybe you mentioned it somewhere and I didn’t see, in that case I am sorry)

XMi Do says:

how could i open fl slayer?

Can't find me, cause I'm livin' on mars says:

The drums are great, they really hit hard. But I would use shreddage. The lead still sounds bad.

Jesus Cadena says:


T-Light says:

Excellent, thanks.

Motionless Animations says:

Like if you got the reference.

Forgettable says:

“FL Slayer is DECENT”. Good joke!

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