How to Chop Samples like a Boss in FL Studio 12 Click Here for the FREE Sample Tutorial Series on how to chop, remix, and transform samples


Quantum Z says:

Funny because I use the red highlights to chop off extra and for timing sample. But like you said, many different ways

Fillip Holgersen says:

Any VST’s similar to Edison and Slicex? I don’t use FL Studio, so those aren’t available to me.

Ethan Rowland says:

is there a way to chop vocals with the demo version?

Sly Beats says:

this technique can kill al beats block

Isaiah saunders says:

Every time I use slicex I get a click sound when it goes from one chop to another how can I fix thay?

Gary Hamilton says:

Thanks for the hints. Sure they will be helpful …G.

gagieboy 1 says:

What’s the song in the intro?

nega2k6 says:

@11:27 Been a long time that Ive used FL, but I guess can turn off auto dump to avoid that.

ruuueb says:

its like a heartbeat.. pause lmao

other account says:

do you need the full version of slicex for it to chop up the samples?

Ghozt score creator says:

thanks Busy works beats. com

shavty says:

if i chop 2 different songs, can i put those in to same piano roll somehow?

Benjy Frank says:

When you find out that all of FL Studio vst plug-ins works flawlessly with ableton live 9…

Music is life

Simple Beetz says:

Wow, thank you so much Busy Works Beats. You know how much you’re a help? God bless you my man.

Lémurien Constricteur says:

i thought my computer froze when he opened slicex

Grant Fontyn says:

How do I map the drum pads to notes in slice x

cardiacArrest says:


Tom Hayza says:

This video is lit af. This whole channel is lit af. Subscribed

sadwurd says:

only a minute in and you’ve saved my life for all eternity

Nikolay Dolishny says:

Very useful. Thanks

CouchLock 808s says:

If I produced for Neyo would be INTERESTING af OR justin timerberlake cos all his beats have a certain style.

Vaughn Segebarth says:

Does taking a note from the sample then put it in the channel rack and using the piano roll work as well?

Young Jimmy says:

is there anyway to have a metronome play inside of Edison?

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