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Napa Cabbage says:

I need something that goes “________”

Cristian Tapias says:

Thanks a lot for what you do man, really, its really helpfull, I wish i had work right now to support, ill do wen i can, for real. Thx

Anchovies says:


ImJoosh says:

Your info is good but youre putting me to sleep

Benny Musters says:

I learn so much from you, keep up the good work

usta ramy says:

you pro

Yorgan Yog says:

Amazing. Can you make a tutorial with a The Prodigy drums? There’s no much things about that on youtube!

Layliee says:

– sao anh đẹp trai thế ♥ yêu anh nhất trần đời ♥

RasdeeP Singh says:

very helpful thankx

KsiSyndicate says:

I can’t explain how much this channel has helped me lol

Gino Tarabotto says:

Wish I could see the mouse move

Piotrek Frankowski says:

i don’t see your mouse :S

Manman3872 says:

What shortcuts do you use to toggle between filter types? Please answer this would help me a lot 🙂

Real Sobrino says:

500k subscribers


good work ,i have learn a lot from you…..thanks

kris krost says:

yo busy work beats droppin some knowledge on us

MrArtist1971 says:


Anton-Constantin says:

I don’t understand how you do the shape at the EQ 2

Humza Zuberi says:

im very late but i have a question if i add swing will it effect melodies in piano roll ?

Quinton Beaudry says:

Be careful about using the stock samples in FL, they went after a guy who made a song with stock samples, be sure to read the end user agreement..

Juan Juarez says:

What computer do you use?

Kerim Grozny says:

Is it possible nowadays in fl studio to make old-style drums like 80’s disco modern talking ?

Chrick the Rapper says:

e-longevity sounds like a way to maintain clout on the gram.

Jirjar Timung says:

Sir how to match drum bpm on my own composing song? please make a video soon… Thank you

Brian Isley says:

Very helpful bro

Adam G. says:

Thank you so much! I learned a lot

Official D4njah says:

you the fukin man lol appreciated

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