How to Lofi Hip Hop | FL Studio Tutorial

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Ahman 233 says:

Where did you get the drums

IXIV KAI says:

Any tips on how to find good samples?

Francosteiner says:

Tbh I think you messed it with the sidechain. At least to me it ruined the lofi-throwback feel.

Sohil Bammi says:

first video I’ve watched of yours, absolutely phenomenal, subscribed.

Andrew Rivera says:


LiR We573 says:


Spada Kodatronqa. says:

lol loops and go

AA16 Special Edition says:

What was with that quick konnichiwa smh

Ryder says:

*lofi hip hop radio 24/7 chill beats to sleep/eat/drink/brush your teeth/masturbate/study/cook/relax to*

Yousra BENTAOUET says:

thank you so much for the tips and techniques, and especially the beautiful melody, so inspiring and relaxing.

Faith Berkey says:

I lowkey just found you today and being completely honest. Im watching every. Single. Video. I loveeeeee this. Keep doing what you doing. I don’t know what you doing but its very nice to watch.

Lil Saundowebu says:

Is it possible to do a “How to phonk” video. It’s the type of stuff Ryan Celsius and Emotional Tokyo put out.

BGNS says:

Hi guys, I’m a young producer based in Italy, I make LoFi and Trap music. I’d like if you could give me some advice to improve, thanks

Samurai says:

thanks man youve helped me out the most so far

Ven says:

Which song starts playing at the beginning at the chords and melodies section of the video? Sounds familiar, I forgot who made it.

Mikey O. says:

perfect imperfections

Kartik Tiwari says:

1:50 Says ‘Most Complex Ideas in Music Theory’. Hovers over a ‘Pentatonic Scale’ XD

Lance Johnson says:

The only thing I feel like you forgot in the video is the use of sidechain. When you said “bounce to the sound”, I don’t think a fresh beginner producer would understand that! But I absolutely LOVE this video and it’s one of the best on youtube for lofi. I definitely downloaded this and threw it into my study playlist. Thanks so much

Samurai Bonsai says:

Wish you could’ve done some rapping like earl sweatshirt or something haha


Is that like woah playing in the background ?

Just Ploy says:

Very very awesome jenius

KibbleX says:

Can you please send me the snap mp3 file it sounds very good and i am hoping to use it in my future lofi beats. my email is

ThaPhace YAHU says:

This was THE best video I’ve seen of Lofi via Fl!!! Thank you!

Sheen Zhou says:

Hey, I have a question, why do you export each one to “lo-fi”ing. How does a mere exportation influences the lo-fi effect?

Lazy Ghoste says:

Thought I was watching a cinemasins video lol but thanks for the great video

RookieTheCookie says:

What’s the song in the beginning?

Action Costanza says:


Smoked_Vanz says:

where’s the ‘ how to cuco ‘

mat. says:

what’s the music that plays at the 0:04 ?

Reinz Bill Dugan says:

2:35 sunday morning rain is falli- ohhh wooops wrong vid

The Masked Sam says:

what version of FL studio are you using?

runnerkidal says:


James Carter says:

you can’t get copyright striked if you sample something… unless you live in the EU

Trash Boat says:

But praxi, i suck at fl studio, i just started using fl studio and only experimenting with it because i have no idea how anything works on that app i cant even make a beat, help me please

Fumar Radio says:

i fw this. tap in

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