How to Make a Beat in 5 Minutes using FL Studio 11 Click Here for the FREE Beginners Series on Music Production



the first beat he did it was good for my new song im making maybe


I’m just starting my producing career. any advice will be brilliant. thanks guys.

Morgan Nom says:

Are you guys going to make one for the phone?

GoD ArTist says:

Hey I’m 15 trying to figure out what I wanna do when I get older.. Always had love for music so I decide to make my own beat all I’m asking is for u to hear one beat of mine tht I made and tell me what you think thanks!

morphman86 says:

For those who don’t want to sit through the entire video, here’s how he did it: Buy a premade kit, press three buttons and you’re done!

MC New says:

If anyone needs help producing or wants to know how to make beats, I would be more than happy to help. Hit me up at if you are interested.

viral gamer says:

Did someone acutely try to steal your car

mada alexandru says:

your tutorial is very good man

Ethan Diaz says:

where can I buy one?

Dylan Whigham says:

ima get a do i get fl studio on it

Luis Palacios says:

not my favorite beat

Icon BeatS says:

how do you make the audio thing happen ?


that’s beast

NJ Katakiya says:

Hello sir how to sofwear PC name

BlackSafarii says:

Dude, thanks.

Phoxtrott says:

you can do better

Clark says:

You say its free but it costs $40?!

David Walker says:

this doesn’t look easy at all I have to get really familiar

Haunted House says:

how to make a beat in 5 minutes, video is 8:22. #Logic.


I make sound in 5 mins but video 8mins long lmao

MasterEdmond says:

do you need something special for this like a piano or something or can you just do it with keyboard and mouse?

Trauma201 says:

whos favorite artist is nicki minaj…

King Far Eye says:

Can you do a video about BPM?

Cold Frag says:

you’re problem is that you use piano keys and i dont have piano keys, please create your notes using the piano roll

P_S_E_Ace51 _ says:

I’m making a dis as a joke on my friend and I can’t make a good beat I Ned help

coolelectronics says:

didn’t work I got stuck at the part where the piano swung out and hit me in the face.hahaha just kidding great tutorial. Informative and covers all the basics and fundamentals one needs to get started. thanks! What version of fl studio are you using? I noticed ur metronome sounds different than mine.

Danjyat Memphisoyw says:

thats good tutorial

Dylangriff7 says:


Omar CJR says:

how many bars is your verse and chorus

check batalion Music says:

how to make a beat

eu só queria passa na federal says:

This is so complex omg

مجد علوش says:

hey guys… I love making beats and love music i wanna make beats but i don’t know how can u help me

Official Nuetron says:

Lol that shjt look hard


i want to become a singer i have written some songs now i just have to create the beats

Rafael Silva says:


ajznajz says:

When the video is called “how to make a beat in 5 minutes”, but the video is 8 minutes and 22 seconds

Delfi Gomez says:

I have become much better

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