How To Make A Hip Hop Beat (FL Studio Tutorial)

This Tutorial is done by Ric of RicandThadeus showing you his process of chopping a sample as well as making a Hip Hop Instrumental.

Take and apply this same knowledge to your workflow and improve your ability to make beats.

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Timdeuces says:

So it’s okay to just take parts of other songs and make that what your song is all about?

Sophie Rowitch says:

If I could make a beat like that in 20 minutes I would be very proud of myself

chris45627 says:

YES!!!! Finally a real authentic Boom Bap tutorial , This is the type of shit ive been asking this nigga Game to teach me for years. I still fucks with BWB and im new here but if ya keep making quality Boom Bap tutorials like this. Ima fuck with yall heavy and spend some money on yall products. I been asking for that Live Hi Hat Cardiak style shit forever

Nino says:

Duuude can you please give away that snare hahaha its sick

Stepan Popkov says:

How come when I cut on the bar it moves the sample to the right or left? Even if I hold shift or click the grid on the magnet to 1/6 it still does the shit and I got drag the sample everytime costing me time.

Jefe The Menace says:

Would I be wrong if I took this & flipped it ? To keep this sound but make it something for my style while keeping the elements of it how it is rn ?

Dutch Wknd says:

this video is dope… thanks man

shonjayt says:

I liked the video but you used a few terms I wasn’t familiar with and didn’t explain them which made following along difficult at times.

David Gamboa says:

thank you

TheMackoftheyear says:

where could I get that sample?

ShaDope says:

won’t you run into copyrights issues if you sample?

Alitobeats 710 says:

This beat wack

Roam Siah says:

Final beaty lol

Steven Chigumira says:

I can hear G Herbo on this beat. Awesome work bro!

piinq says:

13:55 that “that i like dat” sounded like Dj Khaled lmaoooo

j b says:

dame the shit look so easy i cant sample worth crap

Apostle Raw says:

dope tutorial fam

Raman Singh says:

check out dj kahled nephew making music

Knowledge production beats says:


Samuel Nevilles says:

Definitely can hear young ma on this. Nice job!

Drizzy Drunk says:

why this nigga talk like he tryna seduce me fam

Hypebeast says:

that beat was dope and it was only a tutorial, damn

Mahesh Bhardwaj says:

What is the name of this software

DigitalDope says:

Where i can found this loops?

XeGKarMa says:

how and where do you get the live hi hat midis like that?? they sound dope

Izzy Tha Great says:

that beat was so hard fam ! good Tutorial

Delta Knockerz says:

Anyone rapper/singer wanna collab? If so, hmu

rens1234 says: check out my beats let me know what you think much appreciated

Ryan Lutolf says:

If someone were to rap to this beat what would they just loop it ?

Klim says:

Hi can you give me the name of this sample ? It is brillant and a lot of nostalgia.


What kit was used in the vid?

ImJoosh says:

What can I search to get such good samples?

Sifiso Khumalo says:

maaan im really loving wat you did with the sample… its got that Kev Brown/ Rapsody feel to it. very enlightening tutorial. really appreciate it. one

Schiboo says:

how do you copy and loop beats man? shortcuts etc.

RXVAS says:

This man should be a radio talk show host,his voice is rich af I can almost call his voice buttery

Beck Oilver says:

What are the things that I need to know to start making beats

TheMackoftheyear says:

where could I get that sample?

TheSlickRanger says:

U gotta square up bro , “12:20 U gon throw some sausage on there”? Lmao very informative, good stuff again guys

Multee says:

I hear rick ross

Kwantize says:

reminds me of my air 10

Daemonforce Gaming says:

that’s pretty dope man great video

Benjamin VanBuren says:

Dude thank you so much for posting. Great recording btw. Great audio 🙂 Much love from Seattle! I can’t stress how important it is that folks preserve and help others self educate. Seriously, hats off to you. Where can I throw you a couple bucks for a beer?

Alvin Velasco says:

Was wondering if you rip samples off YouTube or some other place?

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