How To Make Deep House | FL Studio 12 Tutorial | Free FLP + Samples

FLP + Samples –

Want to learn Deep House? Need that Deep House tutorial? Voila.

Watch it through as there are professional mixing and produciton tips all the way through. Enjoy!


cam hn says:

2 am. I just finished it. Great Video! Thank You!. Now I´m suscribe.

TheSpiKes1313 says:

30:27 to 30:35 sounds like the intro of gta san andreas right before the beat drops lmao.

DropNationBeats says:

Hey guys, i’ve made my first House Track, i would be glad to see, if you like it or not

lecrystal damish says:

great work and perfect voice

gfree beats online says:

man you awesome;)

Jubas #CulturaLibertária says:

how to put nmsv in FL?

Dj Casiano says:

Bro release that song

3:60 says:

sounds bad, that kick didnt have to be pumped in the lows – you just ruined it and all you hear in the end of the video is sub-lows that just goes everywhere in comparison with the rest. Also some of files arent best quality, you can clearly hear it. That voice pattern OK for amateur music. And putting some sidechain on master isn’t just enough to get good mix. Keep on learning, some day you’ll make good mix

Night Mare says:

That was really nice Deep house music 😀 WOW

Mr 6ix says:

Goooood “How to”!
Maybe you like my Deephouse Song i made in FL Studio 🙂

Keep on the good work 🙂

High Frequency says:

How much is this program

Владислав Гилев says:

its awesome! thank you for real cool lesson!

trương vinh says:

How to use them (FLP + Samples – please guide me.

Louay says:

Very impressive good job

Ignas Beniulis says:

Making a track step by step would be totally helpful as I could learn the structure of intros builds and drops 😉 However I have learned a lot today from this video! Thanks!

Alberto Felipe says:

Awesome tutorial!

Kohi Sama says:

I hope its okay for you if I upload a song on soundcloud that I did with the help of your tutorial. I just “copied” the intro and some parts of the mixing and i didn’t use your vocals (the song is even in a different key and has a different chord progression). I also put a link to your video into the song describtion. Just tell me if it’s not okay for you and I’ll put it down immediatly. (

J Track says:

have to say this is really good video!! i have also make some deephouse for now 7 years, but i start soon release songs 😉

TheBritishBulldogHD says:

Would you recommend investing in a decent laptop to start this ?

SunanMasnun says:

i am a music producer bro! i love you and your work! honestly you are helping so many beginners for free! <3 i really love your work bro!

Laimonas Rupeika says:

30:36 you got me there 😀

trương vinh says:

how to put Deep House Bass 1.nmsv file into massive?

Saint.Rumi says:

I dont have massive :/

Sonuna Kadar says:

I liked this your project if I can doing good song I want share with you.

Loaded L.V.X says:

Thanks bro. Whenever I try to make deep house I usually find myself in progressive or techno land. I’m originally a hip hop beat maker though

louimusic says:

Hi Jar-No
I have two problems: 1) i do not own massive and do not know how to get it or replace it.
2) i can not download anything of what you putted in the link in the description.

It would be nice if you could help me.

Ps: keep on doing these nice tutorials!

Kordahy LB says:

i dont have the massive preset

Akire Aizumito says:

The ending is amazing! 😀 really cool dude! 😀 thanks for this awesome tutorial! 🙂

Tom Göbel says:

But for example BEG isn’t a Minor chord?

vincent Htbx24 says:

Where can i find mixer matrix?

ThevideOoLoadeR says:

I really love this video, this is my stimulus to learn to write tracks. You was perfect, especially in the end. That was awesome and very impressive. Kisses from Russia.

Convergence says:

your tutorials are amazing! Could u maybe do a future bounce tutorial(if u havent done one already)?

Dāvis Riekstins says:

where did you got the vocals?

Climant Ndlovu says:



Check how deep I went

DarrellCramMusic says:

Just discovered your channel this morning and thought I’d leave a comment to say keep on doing what you’re doing lad! You’ve got a great pace of teaching and the fact that you add in the samples to follow along without any of this pumpthesound bullshit is a breath of fresh air haha. I’m a singer/producer as well and just need an easy tutorial to give me the basics of deep house and you’ve gave me that so cheers! Also if you are ever looking for a vocalist to collaborate on one of your tracks feel free to hit me up i’m really keen on breaking into the EDM scene! One quick question on your tutorial as well why don’t you use 7th or 9th chord voicings in your progression? I read that this is one of the staples of deep house (your song still sounded sweet i’m just wondering really). See you on your next tutorial!

Foe Beats says:


AaroN Music_ says:

Great and a complete tutorial ..nice 🙂

Aidan_N Gaming says:

can i use the vocal please?

SlapkidTV says:

Where can I get the massive plugin from? For free

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