How To Make DUBSTEP | FL Studio Tutorial

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Dubstep is a complex genre that requires meticulous sound design, writing, arranging, and skilled mixing and mastering. Join acclaimed Dubstep producer, Nasko, in this tutorial as he walks you through the creation of an entire Dubstep drop in FL Studio.

Starting with the drums, he will lay down the framework of the drop and plan out each section and transition. Then, he will add FX and synth elements such as arps and off-beat chord hits that will fill space throughout.

Next are the sub and bass synths – these are the focus of the video and represent the most prominent elements in the drop. Pick up tons of advanced sound design tricks in Serum, clever arrangement techniques, and tasteful mixing methods throughout this video.


Avillex says:

When Dubstep Tutorial but in Ableton


Tutorial on Point!
It’s very Practical that’s what I like the most!

Tom Cat says:

How to become skrillex under 39 mintues

Legend of the PHASOR says:

Here’s how to make dubstep on a Playstation 1

Kirenox says:

Thanks man!

Veec Delgado says:

Su pc abre los Serums como si nada, el mio abre 4 y ya está muriendo :c.

JP-Kun says:

how the heck am i supposed to download the sample pack….

Kishiyo O says:

How did he create those sidechains?

Star Beast says:

Спасибо за урок) (Thanks)

Dziwny Koleś says:

Maaaan! such an masterpiece already after 5m of video!

dethswurl117 says:

This was super useful ty

Shiou new says:

!S E R U M!

Kyle Anderson says:

nakso is a pro

Mike Palmu says:

Thanks! That helped alot! Found a new way to use to create patterns with multiple instruments. Here’s my version of this:

Robert Rechul says:


Data G̶̲̽l̴̻̍i̴͓̕t̸̗͠ć̷̠h̵͍́ says:

Awesome tutorial nasko!

Nikhil Nick says:

man first time seeing how to make dubstep properly,i dont make dubstep but thanks alot for teaching us peace 🙂


Oh yeah did we forget you need Serum? Nothing says Fl tutorial on dubstep like using an outside plugin that costs 100s of 1000s of dollars instead of using the fl stock plugins!!! Hahaha GO FUCK YOURSELF AND BUY OUR SAMPLE PACKS YOU SHIT WE WANT MORE MONEY.

Ghost Cloud says:

that resolution tho

mi sa says:

the best

Tobias says:

Thought he was teaching Dubstep? This is Brostep..

Xen0s_9 says:

The chorus method you use seems to really muffle my bass/growl’s sound instead of making the cool phaser(ish) effect that it should… (Great video aside from that tho)

Dziwny Koleś says:

can someone send me all times (like 1:00:00 or 0:00) when he says ,,very noice,,? sorry for grammar tho

Wedmart Flores says:

Tutorial or show off? I dunno

Ekzor says:

24:43 Starts the build
24:50 Motivational Punchline that precedes the drop
24:53 A Glimpse of whats coming

That’s how you do a tutorial with style.


thank u for this tutorial i always dreamed to became Best Dubstep/EDM producer
and now this dream is even closer but i think i need more practice and more tracks to do!

THANK U , for showing me basics i will do my best in the future!

Vincent Namafente says:

This is amazing i love it!

Jewfrodo Baggins says:

I learned so much from this vid thx!!!!! Made it easy!!!! though i gotta full screen and watch your mouse movements carefully. lol

Yu Gi Oh! Fan says:

torrents XDDDDDDDDDDDDD never buy this shit dude hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Joshua says:

eks dee. he uses serum on everything like i use sytrus. i should buy serum :p

Ishu Singh says:


Jose Jayant says:

Not that great.I had huge expectations from

Emre Kahraman says:

Can you share entrance songs plucks preset

OverPowered Skeleton says:

What is the application that he is using, can someone please tell me

Darhkay Beatz says:

what features does your computer monitor have?



Keany Music says:

This is like the eighth time ive watched this, hands down the best tutorial on youtube

rohit pawar says:

Nice work dude.. nailed it.

S Parodiada says:


Yovelin Panayotov says:

Where are you from Nasko ?

AwesomePossum703 says:

Bro you are the hero we didnt know we needed!! thanks for making this vid

Manan Tank says:

Arigatto sensei.

Oppsy Jaffa says:

I love working with growls in Serum i spent like 12 hours a day XD

Lauro Henrique Batista Camargo says:

Course Dubsep Buy Now Lets Go?

Mythrax says:

Too bad Serum is 10 bucks a month… my parents don’t think it’s worth it oof

Declan Hild says:


Value Razah says:

How To Make GENERIC DUBSTEP | FL Studio Tutorial

Lauro Henrique Batista Camargo says:


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