HOW TO MAKE LOFI BEATS! (FL Studio Tutorial)

Link to xshulz Kit:

the sub bass:

btw i notice i pronounced it wrong i apologize :/


Faizal Ali says:

great stuff!

Spot up shooter says:

Ur gross as cunt

Santiago Martin-Laborda says:

thats how u spell it

Adryel isn't says:

you can make a lo-fi beat for a low-fee of free-ninety-nine.

GratitiHD says:

Those are some pretty low fees

Fake Name says:

I was going to watch this video, then he said “loafy”…

p a p y says:

d a m n, that helps me alot. thenkies!

OmegaV2 says:

i made a beat.
its also on my youtube channel

Inspirmentalist says:

lofi beats are the shit. i really just got on the lofi wave last year. i love them though. keep up the good work.

Amnesiak uh says:

Forgot to add rain drops and or record crackle!

robloxgameingkid07 says:

anime is stoupuid worst totiurial ever grow up kid

Derek The pigeon says:

Your face cam is perfectly in the way of what you’re trying to show people, I would go as far to say it might be unnecessary

Britney Lynn says:

Thanks for the tutorial man, helped me a ton!

Andrew T says:

Cringed at “lofee”


thank you! specially that kit,

CrackaJack022 says:

Yea you made a beat out of this but that beat will never go anywhere fam and relying on others loops will not get you anywhere either. It’s way to simple, it would get boring and the listener would always click next. Try to actually change the loop somehow too, taking a loop and using it exactly how it was made is never gonna get anyone anywhere these days

Makinru マキンル says:

I think I love loa-fy bread now.

Никита Островский says:

Бля бля бля

Nushabeats says:

dqsvf yg

N0va // Productions // says:


LS_ Wave says:

i like loafey beats

Faiz Ubaidillah says:

thanks for the tutorial i’ve made my own song,consider to check it on my channel

TheHolyWoodyLol Animations says:

2:11 XD

billy. says:

I tried to make a lofi beat on my channel if you want to listen 🙂

Yvng Hollow says:

I love this tutorial

Jackie Channing Tatum says:

The hihats fucked it up

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