Today I am gonna show you how to make lofi hip-hop or this chill hip-hop with oldschool vibe.


Yoshi Desu says:

Im hyped, lofi is gonna be the new rap! Im glad our music is finally changing from shitty, to tasteful!

Anonymous Student says:

is it just me or can u not hear the bass?

Mind_Detergent says:

Where did you get the vinyl pack?

lost in thought says:

That version of Fl studio are you using? I have Fl 20, and i can’t find most of their samples you are using

Sparrow says:

where did u get rhodes onto your nexus?

Splesh SG says:

Did you change anything with Rhodes? I am asking because mine (default from nexus2) sounds very different than yours. And yours is way better.

Various says:

What kind of software do you use? How do I get it

Julian Kluck says:

Hmmmm i dont know lofi HIP HOP naaaah more Chill hop. .?

Ira Mallari says:

You forgot the dramatic couple that always fight in the background

Night0wl14 says:

What program did you use?

Daddy says:

Thank man

Pedro Bernal says:

I followed your tutorial

Naythaniel Robinson says:

Part 2?

Ethan Hildebrand says:

Thanks dude

Sir Danny says:

Where is it possible to get samples you have in the channel rack?

folie a don't says:

this was so helpful holy shit. thank you!

Егор Филотов says:

it’s some kind of jazz

iMP Scarecrow says:

How do you make a vinyl effect that you can’t get copyrighted for?

basedexe says:

Where do I find the vinyl static sound at?

Homer Simpson says:

Seen many Videos on Li-Fi – this is the most Kickass one out there – well done Arcade !!

Zeta Clyde says:

Holy Shiiiitttt

Kele Buay says:

Kudos mate

FattyAIDS says:

Ouh, i’m a bit late. But if you really want that lofi sound: mute everything but the rhodes. Then open up a fruity limiter on the masterchannel. Turn the gain up, like +6db. Then export the melodie/chord progession. Now delete that fruity limiter. After that just import the sample you just made a few seconds ago and use it as you would use a sample. Cut the lows with an eq and lower the volume. Now it should sound really lofi.

Bi-Racial Mage says:

3:19 Yo that’s the exact chord used in skateboard p by elijah who!
Link for the song

J JJH says:

All thanks to you my friend. Thank you for the awesome tutorial, I am so pleased with the result.

Sinovy says:

This might sound dumb but… how do you make one of those beats unique? I think he right clicks but when you do that it deletes it??? I am new to it so…

BeelFeey Beat says:

Nice beat

siren says:

mine’s not as lofi as yours because i’m such a beginner, i started today and i’m so confused, but i did it! thanks!!

Plautus says:

I use cubase.
But this looks easier…. -.-

Dazed Cleo says:

any chill, r&b soul uk music writers/ producers want to work on a project with me?? think; Jorja Smith, Kali Uchis style 🙂 email me:

R A V E N says:

Lofi needs a ladder…nice

Vlad L says:

Stolen from pornhub!!!

Sanson El sangre negra says:

A like it I really like it

Bryer Barton says:

Man I’ve been wanting to do this my life thank you I kinda need a better learning of how to make it all work out

K Ansh Ib says:

You’re dope man. Love all your tuts

Ilyess 悲しい少年 says:


Dual Shock says:

4:16 how i can do that please ;-;



Eulmark Ripdos says:

i can make the different drum beat but I stuck on piano thing!!!! (sorry for mybad English )

Jose Chavez says:

I “make unique” button is missing..

Jae Jordan says:

just get a jazz sample

Alex Hayden says:

Yeah, this sounds nice. Great job!

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