▼ Progressive Houseeeeee! That’s where this tutorial is about 🙂 Hope you can learn something new from this!

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Яrǝinhvrt says:

I cant download this shit.And why you dont show to us your presets in nexus and sylenth

v says:

what synth you’re using?

Unknown says:

Nice video, you help me a lot! Thanks!

Jake Brown says:

What software is this?

zzerulia lase says:

Next time tell us what tools u used to make a flp music okey

Sids Višas says:

Why do you use bends on bass?

Rakesh B R says:

you mean download all wav files and just put it together???this is not creativity

Marcee .S says:

Podrias pasar tus banks de Sylenth1?

刀炳翔 says:

Video intor BGM ?

Tazim Ezaz says:

plz make a tutorial on how make sounds on sylenth 1 and about the chords without music theory……..

HENRYX says:

nice video!

Daniel Avzaradel says:

So basically EVEYBODY uses Sylenth… it makes me wonder if it’s possible to create an EDM track without it. Every tutorial in YouTube has it. Crazy

Maximilian Schmidt says:

Could you please give me the link so that I can also download the soundpack?

L. J. Howell says:

Nice vid. Bass is too low imo

A#Minor says:

this is what I made with a year of Learning

MΛS says:

Generic & cheesy. Sorry

Mateo Caranti says:

It works for fl 20?

Vlusion says:

FLP is gone.

Fruitty Beats says:

Damn that progression is cool…

Xenno says:


IvanKiama says:

Ohhh! So that is what the melody for my old “Tunnel Grounds” is!!! I had completely forgot how to make the melody!!!@

OlegPo says:

thanks a lot !!!!

Cristofer Romero says:

2:16como puedo copiar y pegar porfavor me ayudan

XL_BERUS says:

My soundcloud is XLBERUS

Subzone says:


Sids Višas says:

Can you make pop or only techno?

Mateo Caranti says:

Fl 12?

H M LEUNG says:

You have two layers of chord in sylenth, what is the first layer, is that supersaw ?

h Rehan says:

I’ve made a progressive track on Chainsmoker’s roses, guys please tell me how it is if you want

VIGAL says:

Good video but very basic

VACie Chan says:

I like the intro song you should make tutorial on how u processed that son

K-Tomic says:

Thanks for your help ^^ here’s a track I finished using your videos as advice.

Grizzly Bear says:

this is like 2014 progressive house, but overall still a great production! Great Work!

Max Maker says:

wow its realy good

Anselmo Antorcha says:

what preset of nexus are u using there bro?

Pfam 12 says:

Hey producer school I like your channel very much I learn many things from here but at 3.03 when you mix leads what’s that 12 column submix leads how did you bring it? Is that a mixture of all leads and layers you used sylenth nexus etc..

Music broducer says:

I have watched this video like 12,14 time….
I like it
No,no I love it

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