How To Make: Tropical House like Kygo, Matoma etc. – FL Studio tutorial

▼ In this tutorial I will show you how you can make a cool tropical house drop in 15 minutes with some instructions!

► FLP:

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Intro Song:


Commetjacker Music says:

Hey man! Seriously your tutorials helped me out. Keep up the good work 😀

Harmeet Singh says:

What were the presets for nexus?

RAD AR says:

Did we need any Plugins to make like this one PLS…REPLY

Wille T says:

I dont get how to make the small notes at 11:58. Do you use the cut tool or is there a better option?

prayuda maulana says:

such a nice video, check out my chanel too 😀 😀

Shadow says:

Yo can anyone give me the basic plugins and sample packs and anything I’ll need to make this style of music just the names I don’t need links

Joaco 22002 says:

hey i know its just a tutorial but when u cut low or high freqs u have to put a low por high pass filter

mekedes ashagrie says:

would you mind releasing that song

carlos saucedo says:

Ok this is dope but i have  huge question: How do i get all those songs for fl studio?

MegasMatey says:

Does anyone have the DL for Kickstart?

Antonio Martinez says:

i just need to know how to sidechain the chords without taking too much volume from them

Niopà Guio says:

hey plz help me.
amazing viedo, but where i can download fx pack like this for free?
(sorry for my english)

Manuel Rondón says:

did he use any plugins(rlly stupid question obviously he did), if so which ones?

Luca Luvi says:

You are really good, congratulations !!!

BillyGangsta_ 23 says:

What is your intro music?

Sunan Arronie says:

is this Fl Studio Fruity Edition or Producer Edition? can someone help me

Ross Bentley says:

It’s just, explain how to create some of those sounds 😀

Rabbid Rabbit says:

Not at all catchy :p

Rubén González Fernández says:

Savannah pupupupupupu!!!

Elder cen says:

whats the song on the intro?

Clayn Tava says:

How do I make that slide sound..? It wouldn’t work for me.. help me..?

Jordan Stewart says:

Intro song ?

Abhay Rajan says:

Which Kit are you using for drums?

duy nguyễn says:

I want your XP Dance Orchestra

Dave the Youtuber says:

You reach this the Slide with the Slidenotes too !

Kyle Siddell says:

I can’t wait for the day I’m this fluent in FL lol really liked the tutorial track tho

Daniel Aw says:

melody sound is so bad for me !!!

Prod By Rawle says:

What u use to side chain?

Obsidious says:

How did you get that true piano rythem

Ms. Chanandler Bong says:

The flute sounds odd and flat (?)

Eliezer Martins says:

hey , please , make a future bass tutorial , please

elmay ihsen says:

i don’t have the true piano on the piano roll

The Producer School says:

*IMPORTANT!!* Like this video on Instragram:

Luckstel says:

Woow! That is cool! Good Joob!!

The Producer School says:


Joona Helin says:

awesome tutorial but for my opinion you kinda tried to sound too much like kygo so this did sound like a bit weird i would say, but also this was just a 15 minute video so i understand:)

We've Everything says:

how to make music like the intro?

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