How to Set Up Your 808’s Perfectly in FL Studio (FL Studio 12)

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you guys how to set up your 808’s so that they don’t sound shitty, or make your beats sound shitty. This is how I do it personally, if you know any other ways then way to go. There are a lot of people who have no clue how to do this and it ruins their creative process.

Hope you guys learn something, peace!

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(Music Produced by GLOhan™ | Visuals Edited by GLOhan™)


Mironski says:

Nice tutorial.

Adam Zaborowski says:

thanks bro this changed everything for me

Real Talk says:

thats was very helpful and very well spoken
thank u

BEATS n Tapes by. Matt says:

It’s art. Like Bob ross says, as long as you enjoy your painting, it’s a beautiful painting .

Lil Gerry says:

why this video have dislikes

thatTUESDAYchannel says:

this tutorial really helped

Abhishek H says:


Jordan Jacobs says:

I had to teach myself all this shit myself , and here it is

Tea Bag Gaming says:

Also, when i get an 808 that has two dif notes….i load a dif one lol

ProdBy Zack says:

Better than busyworks beats

Xaverius Leonardo Tarigan says:


yolo swag says:

lmfao the name GLOhan. That is jokes. sick vid tho fam

Aaron Dahl says:

great video

Hunter Hayes says:

fr a legend

Takai Vece says:

2:40 for the “beat” problem

Spenser Lewis says:

Man this was the best video on this shit I’ve ever watched good looks out the window slaps

Luzbel Amarok says:

thank you bro

Seth Engris says:

So what I do is i make all of the 808’s that I use by hand with this simple trick lol, I take a sound that is about… 5+ seconds long and then click the ‘Edit Sample’ tab, then I go to the EQ and drop all of the EQ range down to 0 so its silent, after that I click generate, Sinewave, and set frequency to 50, the you play it and you have a perfect, raw 50 Hrz sine wave to cut, stretch, key bind, distort, anything you want haha. I hope that this helps somebody because I have been making music for only 3 months while my very talented friend Moore Kismet ( ) has been doing it for 8 years, I knew this and he didn’t. He was very happy and pleased to know this little trick

Kato says:

Snoop dogg?


One trick:if you have problems with your 808’s try to put a note without velocity/volume afterwards for cutting the last 808

606G Beats says:

beast ass tutorial

23Nuwanda says:

thankyou. because you helped me you get a like and a subscribe, surprise me

Short Circuit says:

Its 2018 but this can still help a lot of upcoming producers like me, thanks man


Very helpfull bro! From: Portugal! Stay strong!

LoG Network says:

How much is fruity loops ??

Atimez says:


PaC MaN says:

how to make 808s longer
NOT into a LONG sub bass just a tad longer

prodcnote says:

Watch at 1.25x speed

KLAIM says:

This cut-It-self was super helpful and works perfect, but when I slide my 808’s its still wobbeling in each other. Does anyone know why?

mstng _boi says:

Thanks bro, simple enough.

Ty Txnnick says:

Great tutorial, but mumble rap is garbage it’s not art…if everyone can do it then its not art

UglyStru says:

Any way you could submit your 808/drumkits you used in this video? All of my samples sound like shit.

Hype boi 808 says:


Casper Noir says:

Glohan you need to grow up

oLeKo - says:

Glad i found you man, this helped me alot

Ivan Miros says:

Kicha lab, can someone send me a link for this samples?

Tea Bag Gaming says:

Man it dont matter how long you been doing it or how much you think you know. You can always learn something from another persons work flow

crazy90 says:

THX for the Drum env tips bro 😉

J-SUN Love says:

like your work but most of all, how you think, you can tell you are a good dude! #respect!!!!!

Randy says:

thank you so much man I have been looking all over you tube for this specific issue and couldn’t find anything. you just made my shit sound 10 times better

JB says:

Thanks Bro! You helped me a lot 🙂

Paweł Burzykowski says:

Dont cut off microphone noise after every word IT sounds like shit

T. Augustus Romer says:

Thanx bruh.

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