How to Synthwave | FL Studio Tutorial

A bit more of a video essay tutorial, just wanted to switch up my video style. I’ll have more rapper tutorials coming soon.

DL the song here:

Drum kits used:

Free VSTs used:
Full Bucket 3100:

Video Sources:
Jim Morrison:
Miami Nights 1984:
Wice – Star Fighter:
Retro Grid:

Thanks for watching!

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THERSX says:


Jonathan D Mirai says:

oh ya eargasm….bring my memory back to MagicSword! Great job

GRocket1020 says:

0:45 Skrillex sampled that in “Breakn’ a Sweat”

Edwin Corbin says:

anyone else getting stranger things intro vibes?

DeepFriedPotatoes says:

I adore synthwave.

digitalsketchguy says:

Wish i had your skills – respect!

whiteguywithacousticguitar says:

I’m Loving It.

Composerily says:

*T H I C C W A V E*

Contentibus says:

Jim was way ahead of his time ❤️


whow this so awesome <3 I wish I could do this music

Sherif Hamdy says:

Nice one!

Lovell says:

i love u man

Hazy Champ says:

Name of the song in the background?

魔悪 says:

Now where’s my chicken mask at

Rafael says:

what game is that?

Bibek Neaupane says:

Can u give a link to the background music u used in this video?

Inflake says:


MikuPinky says:

Can I ask (because I always come here to listen to the synthwave song you made), what’s the background song you used (starting from 0:05 and almost till the end of the video) ?

Andy Hua says:

5:04 for song you’re welcome

Avery Cooper says:

some fuckin groovy shit

JellyFish Music says:

Legit sounds like something out of stranger things

Shannon Hickey says:

Not gonna lie, I learned about synthwave from Rings of Saturn’s “Fractal Intake.” Would you consider “Fractal Intake” “Aliensynth?”, “Retroalien?”,

Furby says:

whats that car game called in the begining

Supratik Das says:

whats the tempo?

Dani Gomez says:


Metalord874 says:

Wish you would have mide this step by step for us beginners!

Antonio Campos says:

It made me think of times that I never lived

Roberto Nome says:

Isn’t it redundant to use a duplicate parametric EQ just for the highpass filter?
I mean, you can just cut off the low frequencies on it (with the highpass filter setting for one of the buttons) without having to create another copy for that.

Sipple says:

Damn thats so fucking good

Infosmercial says:

What’s the song playing in the background for most of the vid? Killer work btw!

Alexandro De Mojito says:

the real name is VAPORWAVE !!!

miike gates says:

Do you have good to great music theory? how you make all these styles?

Seppo says:

This remainds me of stranger things.

Electric JC says:

Sounds like ” Points of Authority ” at the start.

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