Making The Craziest Beat Using Fruity Slicer and Laying Down a Verse | FL Studio Tutorial 2019

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This is a trap tutorial in FL Studio 20 where I create an insane trap beat using Fruity Slicer then lay down a verse over top of it. Watch me create a flute trap song with no samples from scratch using fruity slicer in fruity loops 20 2019.


Ulrike Betmann says:

Maybe you can Turn some very different genres into trap/hiphop or the other way around

Runitup 2gee says:

do a how to 2pac video

Q. C says:

Can you maybe make a video on how to use fl studio for beginner like a real beginner only stock plugins i just got the free fl to get s lil feelin with the program i know there are a lot of video online bit meybe you can make one to

TheLittleYoutuber says:

Maybe try y and make a video on how you write youre lyrics?

Gerson Vibes says:

Man your beats are fire

Knight JJ says:

You finally updated your FL studio

Lay- Z says:

Make a beat using only free trials of vst plugins and free drum kits.

Kidd Tsu says:

Do a how to Jaden Smith please!!

KieChain Productions says:

J rent always pulling through with a banger

ENzo says:

J. Rent couldn’t pay rent? Crazzzyyyy

PK Pony says:

Try some mellow trap. I would love to see and hear that. This was very good too.

Hi Trix says:


Aidan The Hipster says:

Heres a challengs that I do every time I feel uninspired: Go download the most recent minecraft sound pack (its out there on the web) and see how you can use those samples to make a song. It has all the sounds, from the internal music blocks to the enemies dying sounds. Its got some great stuff in it, see what you can come up with.

Naoufal Lamrani says:

too much low pass on the vocals

Coley Higdon says:

Do a how to Rozz Dyliams. He makes really interesting beats. A lot of percs

Zachary Holt says:

Idea: remix your background music into a trap beat

Gorble Fleeps says:

*why dont we have Logic x J Rent on a song?*

Leiines Kaufmann says:

Man i’d love to buy a beat from you

Domaz Productions says:

U could make a video on making drum kits

prod. athena says:

An idea for a new video/style you should try is Rock in FL Studio. Greta Van Fleet is fairly popular among the new generation and the video could pick up traction. Even if it doesn’t, I’m sure you’ll have fun making it.

castring says:

Nice vid! How can I download omisphere for free without getting virus?

Praxi Plays says:

I felt the beginning part about making the same type of videos man, its always good to switch it up once in awhile! Congrats on the plaque too <3

SaikaShin says:

Nice video never thought of using fruity slicer like that most definitely about to use this method

LILsAVAGE209 says:

ily papa

KieranWCee says:

Yes, get that bag Mr. Rent

Pro nxSoul says:

This is so dope, I almost dropped a tear.

Indigo//compression. says:

Bit late on this one however
I would love to see you use just the stock and standard plugins in fl studio. This would be great for people literally just starting

Aleks Brymora says:

If that isn’t the top one you have I don’t know what is. Creative whole is brutal man keep experimenting cause it works out well for you

SadKi Prod says:

Damn bro this fire asf man good job bro I fw this and it was nice talking to you bro keep up the good work

Henry lopez says:

You should do death metal trap like using a death metal sample and then resampling it

Mckay Beats says:

Fire as always, question how did you get piano roll to show the letters of the keys?

Manny says:

You should try something like Drum and Bass or dubstep for something new

ashley gaurang says:

You should go out to a peaceful place bro. Really helps with the blocks

Skaircrow45 says:

Your vids keep catching my attention. good job!

Structured Beats says:

g u would make a sick drill or grime beat please do a tutorial

John Cena says:

Please start sampling and making more complex videos than those how to sound like, because your simplicity is one of the best features so you could really win from that…


Let’s start a change. org for Jrent to release music

Uniøn™ says:

Great vid ‘ ! I’d love having your omnisphere presets 🙂

Matthew Hays says:

Do lil Tracy

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