Producing Trance – FL Studio (BASICS)

Learn how to make Trance music in FL Studio with this simple, yet in-depth Trance tutorial. Watch as I share some of my favourite tips on how to produce Trance, including the creation of the famous rolling Trance bassline.


02:49 – Starting With an Idea
07:48 – Selecting the Right Sounds
19:28 – Adding More Sounds & Layering
22:37 – Trance Bassline Tutorial
32:19 – Chord Progressions
40:07 – How to Make a Trance Beat
49:59 – Trance Vocal Chops
56:17 – Creating a Trance pad in Sytrus





Matej / Psiloz says:

Yay for Psychedelic Trance! Though Psytrance in itself has many subgenres, like Morning, Twilight, Zenonesque, Full-on, Progressive, Darkpsy, Forest, Hi-tech, Psycore and fusions between them. Then you have crossovers like Techtrance, Psybreaks, Deep trance and such. And then you have it’s predecessor Goa Trance, and all Goa is Psytrance, but not all Psytrance is Goa.

Just a random little appreciation for this crazy yet amazing genre.

its only .smellz says:

this has to be a troll vid for sure lol

ooo ooo says:

I learned nothing in all that over a hour video. :/
That is a super noob tutorial for people who just installed their very first DAW.

Gabriel Trandis says:

Hmm not sure where to find your sample pack that you mentioned in the video 0,0 awesome vid tho


Cool! Good Lesson for me 🙂
Good Luck !

SnazzyBoxx says:

Ramsterdam ( jorn van deynhoven remix)

Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence (airscape remix edit)

ReadyToEnjoyYou says:

Talamanca Beach – James Woods Remix
Thousands of Sounds – Shingo Nakamura
Kush – Mindset

This is the kind of music I love with all my heart.
But what genre do you put these? Im confused. Some says its house, some trance..

I would love to atleast try learn to make music like that!

rahim achaichia says:

Thank you very much that was a big help

Flopperplop Kabouter Yop says:

Can you tell me what you like of my preview?If you like this style.

羅怡 says:

Thank you!I learn so much.

Marcus Faust says:

I see how you associated the netherlands when showing the ingredients for the song. 😀
because armin van buuren and other trance artists are dutch and stuff… youknowimsayin.

Moji Soltani says:

informative and awesome as usual, thanks for putting it together

Thiart Willem says:

Thanx a lot for your effort to make the best youtube videos. I signed up with Masterclass by Armin van buuren and did not learned and understand so much in one video like yours. You realy have a gift in teaching music. I have watch this video three times already and is busy watching all your videos. Thanx for all your effort in doing this. I will always support you and hope you can one day make your tipe of tutorial on Serum. if it is posible. I LOVE TRANCE MUSIC. But is busy trying to combine Dubstep Trance. If you can do a video on Dubstep it will be so helpfull. Thanx a million. God Bless..

Moe Vikernes says:

thanks for the videos mate but i wanna know how do u post the voice tune 2 the piano roll ?!?!? cuz u didnt show that in the video 🙁 please i really need 2 know that 🙁 thanks <3

Alex Larking says:

There is so much stuff that I didn’t know what was called that you’ve showed me. Thank you so much!

Stefano Papaleo says:

And Mr. Masque nailed it once again;) Amazing video, mate. Very insightful. You do have passion & patience for teaching and sharing. Thanks for the video.

Bhargav Chavda says:

Great Stuff Sir

Alex vega says:

Thanks for this totorial, i see my problem is to put the construckt of the track in the play list. Its not hard to make up to 1 min or so. Its the way to continue after that. So what u made here, i cinda copyed that just to get more understanding. So how do finish this with the rest? I m stuck, and ofc i did it with my own sounds. I dident have all the plugins you have though. But it sounds nice, sound uplifted. I really would love to se how u make it from scratch to FINISH.

Ma Ngọc Thắng says:

You can use other musical instruments to be the main melody instead of lead

Southern Hemisphere says:

I give this tutorial a 8/10 because of have a voice over in the tutorials! Most Trance tutorials don’t have that lol

Drew Cosner says:

Your videos have been a huge help! Do you have a Patreon?

Blast Radius says:

I’ll be waiting for the drum n bass video tutorial

wah panda says:

so are you just dragging and dropping the vocals into the pads, that would be nice to kinda be explained XD

Eddy Ducreo says:

Checking this one and running the ad in full haha! 😀

2phalanges says:

how did u get nexus plugin? im very new to this. just installed fl studio 12.

wah panda says:


Tuneful Soul, on a Roll ! says:

Thank you for clearing things up .. Here is something I made after following your tutorial !!

Anima Libera says:

thanks for this detailed and in depth tutorial I was missing someone like you that makes good tutorials 😀 I would love to learn more production techniques and other genres from your videos and I might even consider buying your mixing and mastering guide if its really that good ^^

craig thomas says:

trance was at it’s best in 1999, afterall, they didn’t call ’99 ‘the summer of trance’ for nothing


if there was a way to get nexes and sylinth for free that would be great

Stuart Smeets says:

Thanks for walking us through this bud, You clearly know ya stuff ! Cheers

敏子三上 says:

can u make a uplifting trance tutorial ? 🙂

Michele Turchiarelli says:

Will you ever make a video about how to recognize a sound and (hopefully) be able to recreate it with FL Studio?

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