THE #1 FL STUDIO MIXING SECRET SAUCE!!! (Fl Studio 20 mixing Tutorial)

THTHE #1 FL STUDIO MIXING SECRET SAUCE!!! (Fl Studio 20 mixing Tutorial)
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In this video I’m showing you guys one of the biggest mixing secrets in fl studio 20. Mixing Beats is not as hard as you might think so after this video you’ll be able to learn the best tips and tricks on how to mix beats and make them sound really good!

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Kaiser Music says:

Secerts In 5 seconds
Add Soft Clipper to Drums
Turn up volume

Dimitris Prasakis says:

This desk structure is so beautiful mate. Nice tips.


dude just get straight to the point no one wants to hear your random banter, seriously fkn youtubers stretching out their videos


nice job man

RapidFire Muzik™ says:

I thought this was “Gain Staging”….but its not

Kelz FM says:

Killin shit

Filipe Santos says:

the secret is soft clippin LOL

EVRT says:

I put it on my master lol

Cancel-That-Bitch says:

There is no secrets….just keep tweeking shit until it sounds good kids

Undergroundkid says:

it relly works

Metro Metro says:

What’s your email Chuck?

Dre Jones says:

What speakers do u use??

Jarek Lit says:

I watched it on busywork beats tutorial, pple are saying this doesn’t work.

Martin Burwall says:

restekpa to all producers!


The legacy effect in fl11 takes care of me

Tony M Prod. says:


Najstefaniji says:

just use maximus and a limiter. same thing, no secret here man

Ashay Pallav says:

Busyworks beats is best for a FL studio beginner
(also in the mix)
Hip hop beats(trap)
Chuki,kyle,simon servida
Short tutorials on the musicians-arcade

Sammie E Tellem says:


LJ Smüth says:

Very nice color grading Chuki.

Keep up the good work !

Regi P says:

Every thing in fruit loops can be done mutiple ways ppl, 8 see many of y’all saying he stole the vid idea I saw one person mention this can be done in blood overdrive, SMH one person on here is different obviously, y’all gotta actually play with the entire program and y’all will find the same “secrets”

JoeDoesEverything says:

just use soundgoodizer

CrookedRavenBeats says:

Ayeee this is definitely helpful!

rrgert4 says:

How is soft clipping a mixing pro tip haha

Reverse Boi says:

Thanks bro, you helped me a lot

Andrew Mineev says:

поебень отстойная

Langi Beats says:

Good to see love for BWB. Lotta idiots out there hating on him.

Eff Eff says:

Holy shit shut du fuck up n give it away n then talk about whatever the fuck ur french ass wants to damnnnn boi/:

50pLucozade says:

The intro=if alia did music

TY2NICE says:

My Dawg! Thank You

mike fishwick says:

wrong with his hand?, has he got a bogey stuck to his finger or something??.

BasketballMix says:


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