Trap Beats in FL Studio 11 (Beginners Guide) Click Here for the FREE Beginners Tutorial Series on Music Production


Braden says:

Thanks, dude. This really helped me.

tHeNeWTesTamenT says:

Dope man….i am barely getting into making beats and had zero ideas, this vid had to be best explanatory video I have seen.

DallasPrice says:

4:28 had me dying. great video

jase t says:

what pack did he get the kick from

Mourad Fresco says:

great work !

Symone Sylvester-Carmichael says:

if this is for beginners , lets assume we dont know anything. can you show how you played the chords ? have no idea which keys you used . trying to follow along properly

Ali Tahmasebi says:

very very wonder full for me …tnx

Squeelajekis says:

how are you plying the piano? with keyboard keys? or o u have a actual electric piano linked to your computer or something? I only have a a laptop do I need additional tools?

T.O. The One says:

thanks G

Binx Tesoro says:

hey bro what instrument are you using?

TheIceColdDj says:

a little more thumpier

Tyler Theim says:

youre a genuis man big ups

Tony Montana says:

can you connect your electric drums to fl studio 11?

noway says:

Great tutorial, here i’m actually learning something from 🙂

FamousDavis says:

YO Busy works can you make more tutorial videos for beginners? Like talk about typical baselines for trap beats and what they all need to have etc. Stay up brotha!

Javier Valadez says:

Thank you for the tutorial. It’s people like you, that take art to a new level.

team chery says:

thanks man

Fredy Art TATTOO ESTUDIO says:

bro.y like how you organized all things. and the tecniques for equalized the snare. jaja its crazy. i´m amateur in this! im very bad speak inghish. greetings from py

Deep Sea says:

I wanna be a beatmaker ireally love and ii’am honestly new and i have no idea so how can i be ?

ChaosTheory says:

Hmm, intro looks oddly like Draegast’s

Kyrell Shaheim says:

Do all these sounds come with the program or did you buy them separate?

Tratrap Green says:

i like it good teaching whats something without teaching$$

Mona lisa says:

way to long it don’t take that long

hejj002 says:

the last part when you was mixing to finish the beat is going to help me alot so now i got alot of beats to make smother. but when i start with a beat i usually start with the melody but everybody has there own way and style

James Fortson says:

damn dog

jase t says:

2:55 where did u get the 808 kit

Black Dubh says:

Shakespeare Reference 7:55 Noice!

smokedezedan says:

you’re a legend.

Nightmare Beats says:

Very very helpful! I learn so much things! You are the man!

Cerebral Sound Studios says:

how did u get the picture backdrop in the software?

Cammy says:

Why pan to the right/left? Not sure why u left that out

Jack High says:

best track with stock plugind! Gucci Mane type beat

trap Empire says:

things for the lesson

Braden says:

I got stuck at the bass part, though. For some reason It’s stuck on C5 and If I try to move it down an octave it won’t play any sound. move back to C5 and it works. Anybody can shed some light on this please?

Steven James says:

is anyone else having trouble ? it won’t let me record the melody around 5:49 where i got lost

Randy Acevedo says:

I downloaded fl studio but I can’t get it to use? I need help please.

Kele Lave says:

Hello! Are you using a Mac or a PC please? I have ben searching for a Mac base FL Studio 12. Thanks!

-FATPP - says:

No need to search for bass-boosted… DYI, my headphones almost exploded, like, really :DD

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