What is Mastering?? (And how to do it with FL Studio Plugins)

Always wanted to know the BASICS of mastering a track? Learn how to master a track using FL Studio native plugins, and discover some simple DO’s and DON’T’s of mastering.

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Keith Adams says:

Ah!!! That’s what I’ve been doing wrong with Maximus! Thanks, dude!

kaka47144 says:

Could u plz make some more videos of mastering. And tricks.
Thk u.

David Varner says:

You should collab with Neon Feather.

Beatauzbettersound IamBeatauz. says:

This video really iimproved me.
Thanks man

zarVee says:

Why people put his fucking face on FL STUDIO TUTORIALS???????

Fei Fei says:

Thank you’re helping me alots 🙂

Cryo Raps says:

This vid is clutch. I use maximus for my mastering but the last step about the saturation is so key. I knew I was missing something. Thank you. Could I use these techniques for hip hop tracks????

SoniQ Boom says:

thank you brother ive been looking for this.

Sonu Kumar says:

sir please Fl studio mobile full mastering video plzzz

Marvixel says:

can you make tropical house tutoriel

MAC says:

Hey! please make more Mastering Series/Videos, While advancing it slowly. Great Tutorial keep it up

DeadZpool Music Offical says:

You enlighted me

Rufus Quan says:

yo stupid problem i know but i just can’t seem to resize the window to the damn loudness meter at all like it takes up my whole space and the bottom right corner can literally not be reached. Ok nvm i reached it but it wont budge wtf

hope art says:

“i think it sounds good about right there” doesnt explain WHAT WE’RE LISTENING FOR

Tevin west says:

your track is in mono ?

kaka47144 says:

I really like the song man its amazing.

McKatherine Synth says:

Omg this extremely helpful!! I couldn’t believe how my track sounded after mastering it, it sounded sooo proffesional!! :’D THANK YOU SOO MUUUCH!!!!

Mike Branch says:

Great video. Just made my first track this weekend in 20 years. I have no idea how to master and used soundgoodizer but it completely distorted part of my song that I need clarity in. Gonna look further into it

Z is for Zesty says:

Finally I can be proud of the way my music sounds. I absolutely loved the tutorial and those vocal chops are awesome.

Desox says:

Thank you so much for this video!

Guitar Tutor says:

How to create a song tutorial please bro nobody has done it

JackGoesYT says:

*FL STUDIO USER MANUAL – “32-Bit floating point is the native format of FL Studio’s mix engine. Render to 32-Bit float when you intend to continue mixing or editing the file in another application (wave editor or DAW) that supports the 32-Bit float format. 32-Bit float provides more precision for audio processing and so will ensure the highest quality is preserved during post-production activities.” – Recommended by all Mastering Engineers in the World*

lpound80 says:

yo this helped me so much cheers for the info

Don Ruero Prod. says:

Thanks bro.

Я Простой не says:

Hey Asher!Thanks for video!!!But 1 question…
Why when you mastering you putting all plugs in insert 1 but not to the masater line?

A U R G H O says:

idk in premastering you just used limiter to lower the volumes, but in gain staging we do all buses(drums, vocals, Imstruments,bass) and other tracks to go low about -6db and then do bounce to audio for premaster, any differences?

Chris Dog says:

So mastering is just making a song sound louder without it distorting? I’m flipping between the “before” and “after” but boosting the “before” volume so they are the same loudness and i can’t tell a difference between the two. (listenning on KRK VXT6 with 10S sub). Not knocking the mastering, you obviously know what you are doing, i’m just trying to figure out what i should be listening for. The sound of the track itself doesn’t significantly get changed right?

auronsword says:

you are the best man !!

AfroHit Musica says:

Thank You

Dean Christensen says:

I see you exported to .wav. But how did you re-introduce the .wav file back into the new project? You didn’t explain how you did this. You just said here it is. How did it get there? THX

Titan says:

This video helped alot! thank you

Utol Music says:

Thanks man! Will try this to make my music sound better!

Melita says:

Why add a limiter and turn down the gain over just adjusting the master volume?

Shaun Hedger says:

i might have seen you on breaking bad

Herbert Santineer says:

Hey brother. Thanks for the gr8 vid. Got some quick tips for mastering on FL Studio mobile? I enjoy using it.. Thanks in advance!!


Hi mate, is that the link for fl studio?

Ray Lee says:

Omfg , thank you soooo fuckon much! I love ur content!

Siddharth says:


Praiselyson Lyngskor says:

What is mastering? Let me google it??? Damn i”m out of here

tjofi says:

Do you mix in mono? And do you mix with the limiter being set to gain: -8dB, or you first mix and then set it to -8dB to prepare for mastering?

Piotr Apostel says:

I never use the word “cancer”, but making music “comercially loud” is trully cancerous for me. Besides butchering the source audio, you’re supporting the annoying yelling contest, contributing to the expectation of loud, evenly leveled music. A product.
I don’t claim that music I preffer is any superior because it’s different in this manner, but damn, this practice is just ugly for me.

The Magical Ducklings says:

Asher thanks for this video! This helped a bunch! On a side note..when you gonna get some acoustic treatment for your sweet studio?

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