A Beginners Guide to iMovie

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Have OSX Mavericks? Watch my iMovie tutorial here:

This tutorial is aimed at the someone who has never used iMovie. The tips in this video should apply to all older and any future versions of iMovie.

In this video, I will teach you how to:
– understand the layout of iMovie
– create projects
– import movies into Events
– insert movies into your projects
– add text/titles to your projects
– use transitions to smoothly switch between clips
– add music to enhance your projects
– export projects using the best setting for you

If you have any troubles with this tutorial, or any suggestions for tutorials, comment below or message me on twitter.


Dylan Smith says:

Nice video. Future reference: Auto hide your dock. It opens up more workspace and allows a little more visible screen size to see more of your project.

Garbear says:

I am a starting youtube creator, with a very small channel. I currently need people to give me their opinions, and feedback, so that I can improve greatly at what I do!


Gen martinsjr says:

Good job boy!!

Karen Banfield says:

Excellent thank you

Asma Dokmak says:

Hello Michael, I recorder a sound on quicktime player and I tried to upload it to youtube but it didn’t work so How can I convert it to a movie in imovie and add only one photo?

Chris Searle says:

Don’t give up the day job. This is a very confusing video from which I learned nothing at all.

david pollitt says:

hello Michael
When I open my imovie it doesnt even look the same as yours….I only have a timeline and a player above that….nothing else….I have used final cut a lot. Where is library/viewer etc etc? Many thanks

TheAverageUser TheAverageUser says:

Thanks for your help.

gymnasticsLover says:

i want to know why that person didnt show how to put side by side clips or a pic in side a video thats all im looking for this was no help WHATSOEVER and if you think there isnt a side by side clip in the balck and gold WELL THERE IS go look it up if you dont believe me

Maggie Thorogood says:

Thank you.  Simpe and well explained.  Maggie

Steven Morton says:

Good work, buddy.  That helped me a lot.

OneSword Gamer says:


Karla Butterfly says:

thank u sooo muchhh i just got my mac and i having so much hard time doing all this . but now u make easy thank u .i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu yeahh

TBAEC says:

I love this tutorial. Every time I go to edit my videos I refer here for a refresher. I should edit more videos huh? Great job and love the accent!

Edie Summers says:

Awesome job explaining, thank you!!


Hi Michael Very nice video for biginners.Thankyou.Do u have voice overing tutorial?

Peter Atkins says:

Thank you Michael I found it very helpful and believe I need all the help I can get – Mary Atkins

Aikido Maine says:

great starter ! I am having no luck importing video from my nest cam down loads. they are mp4 and iMovie starts the import but does not create thubnails and easy tip for this?

Alexandra Rieloff says:

Thank you, I learned a lot! 


Can You…”PLEASE”…Help me find an Older version of iMovie like this
one, as I’ recently received an upgrade of my Mac OSX Yosemite, and i
have absolutely NO IDEA How to use this new format, from which i have to
create New Video in a few days and I’m Freaking Out…Please help me
find a new version of this iMovie like “This One” your showing

WolverinoPlays says:
Linda Santini says:

Thank you – I learned a lot from watching this.

Hugh Ironside says:

michael this is a very good tuturil thanks i fully understand on how to yous i movie thanks a lot sorry about spelling

Inferno Dan says:


Alexis Lopez says:

lets say, if i wanted to upload a 13 minute video onto youtube. do i always have to finalize a video? cus i’m unsure, & kinda new to imacs. also what does finalizing a video actually do? cus i know if i do anything, it’ll be longer of a wait. but if it was shorter it’d be a shorter time. cus i’m kinda of irritated not knowing the correct way on how to making videos looking HD instead of being all fuzzy & blurry.

i make no sense, but i hope someone understands what i mean haha

Steffi Duu says:

incredible! so helpful!! thanks so much

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