FULL iMovie Tutorial class for beginners 2017

Are you looking for a great free full Apple iMovie 2017 tutorial for beginners?
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This imovie how to is the one tutorial you need to learn imovie in 2017.
Colin from computerclasses.ie will take you on a guided tour of iMovie in this iMovie for Apple Mac OS tutorial.
iMovie is one of the easiest movie editing programs to use. In this Tutorial we will look at creating a movie from start to finish in i Movie.
In this video tutorial for iMovie we look at the process of getting all your video clips together, importing them into i Movie, arranging them on the iMovie timeline.
Colin will look at the changes between iMovie in 2017 and 2016. We look at video editing tips and tricks to bring you from novice to pro in as quick of time as possible, this is the easy iMovie “How to” video tutorial. The end result will be a video that you are proud to show your family and friends. Dont let that new Apple gather any more dust. Make the most of the power of Mac OS and iMovie and we will show you exactly how simple, movie editing can be.
So wheather you are a beginner or advanced Apple Mac OS user, watch this imovie tutorial in full and start impressing your friends with your new video editing skills.

For more videos and helpful tutorials for beginners check out our website at www.computerclasses.ie

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Green Screen Video Tutorial 1

Green Screen Video Part 2


lisalovescrafting says:

Thank you for doing this video. I’ve spent most of my morning looking at videos for this and this is by far THE BEST!

Joy Pruitt says:

Excellent tutorial. I am a beginner and I’ve watched many tutorials, yours is the easiest to comprehend and understand. I have subscribed and will watch more. THANKS!

Hafiz Muhammad Eisa Sheb Marola Sharif says:

hy. i ma youtuber . sir i am many software use and uploading video on you tube and not show hd result please help me i am so sad see this condition and i am not making new videos for my you tube channel please help me

finn mellon says:

Decided to start using iMovies instead of GoPro editor recently, This was really helpful for me ! Looking forward to making new videos with this.
Thank you very much.

Ulf Brusquini says:

+Computer Classes.ie Thanks for a nice Tutorial. The reason I don’t use this version of iMovie is that Apple reduced the export options to a Kindergarten level. In iMovie 11 (9.0.9) wich I prefere to use (and works great with Sierra) you share with qicktime pro wich gives you a load of options for size, resolution and audio. I think this 10.1.4 version really sucks. It’s made for iPhone/iPad videos and nothing else. Or do you know a way to customize the shared video and not have to use the standard resolutions built into this software?

John Doe says:

Colin Farrel.


Barb Kaszuba says:

When I open the iMovies app on my iPad Pro, it does look like yours. I seem to be missing the top bar which appears in white on this video showing imovie, File, Edit, etc. Do you know why?

Dan Douglas says:

How come when I switch to full screen on iMovie the video looks laggy. It looks perfect in small screen. Will this laggyness transfer to YouTube

Rob Gilson says:

This is a very helpful video. I’ll be sharing it with my colleagues as it is a great way to ramp up on iMovie in a short period of time.

RJH Motorbike Training says:

Ive been watching a few iMovie tutorials and after stumbling across yours I have found it to be the easiest to follow. Many thanks fella and keep up the good work.

MMT MaddenMobileTrojan says:

How do you connect two movies?

NCA M says:

Indeed, great tutorial for beginners. Keep up the good work.

howard binysh says:

Thanks, very clear and helpful

Charlie Massard says:

Thank you for this. Very useful.

Latifa Aarab says:

very good tutorial and very useful

Sean Ryan says:

Great work, easy to follow and really enjoyable. Thanks

Michael Andersen says:

How do you save a clip for later work, can’t find any videos on it, ?

John Doe says:

Very helpful. And I must assume you are extra intelligent based on that delightful accent.

Free Spirit Fitness and Coaching says:

Thank you for this video! It was easy to follow along and understand and explained very well for the beginner. I will be buying your course too.

Kadeen Higgins says:

Thank you for showing us how to use iMovie a lot better! Much appreciated =]

All 4 the Horse -Julia says:

Great tutorial! Thanks so much for making it!!

Kerry McDonald says:

Very good and well presented Colin..thank you. Great helming and looking forward to making some movies help

Chef Cell says:

hi…question: on my timeline on bottom, my cursor moves off screen to the right but the timeline is not moving with it….how can i get the timeline to move with the cursor?

funmorelivemore says:

tutorial is good ..but too slow …

theangry wizard says:

thanks for making this vid. Now i can start my youtube chan

John Murphy says:

Colin, I must say, you’ve made all the other video’s on here make some sense. People seem to think when making an instructional video that you understand the verbal description and the roll right along with out explaining the way you do. You’ve cleared up a lot of questions that I had from watching these other video’s. I’d love to see you do a Drone video, obviously they have no sound, I’d think it might be easier to do than having the open mike in the background. Great tutorial, I’m glad I found yours, thanks.

Mal Tyrer says:

Well done, that is really clear and unlike most others you don’t assume any prior knowledge. Great job mate!

Carol D'Eon says:

Very very helpful. Thank you for getting to the point ( unlike some in you tube land ).

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