How I Edit My Youtube Videos ( How to move overlays in iMovie, multiple overlays, and more )

Hey guys!

Finally, here is my “How I Edit My YouTube Videos Part 2”! I’m going to show you how to move pictures and text in iMovie, have multiple overlays in iMovie, how to speed up and slow down clips, how to add annotations, and how to get cool fonts.


How I edit my YouTube videos Part 1 :

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Hannah Pedersen says:

You are a wonder, thank you for your great tips – needed that

The White sisters vlogs says:

tell us how to add free music to the iMovie app!!!!

Clasher s says:

how. can I introduce my self in my video s

Xavier hahahahahaha Gonzalez says:

If anyone wants to sub to me I’ll sub back

Ghostdinosawur says:

clicked on this cause she looked cute in the thumbnail tbh

Dwalisumuzi Zinhle Dewa says:


BeautyWithMariah says:

thank you!!

Josh Mears says:

that helped me so much

Elizabeth carr says:

Thank you this is Helpful

AmayaOnthe wonderland says:

Guys subscirbe to my channel if you subscribe i will subscribe your videos too

Omar Antulio says:

Your videos are really helpful. Thank you for posting these videos. You have helped me a lot with my channel. Thank you keep it up!

Angel Blackhart says:

HI! This video was very very VERY helpful! But I do have one question, youtube turned off the ability to add annotations, is there another way to add links in to the video? I’m just starting out, and I was really looking forward to doing more with my videos. Would you be able to do an updated video? Or do you have any advice? Please and thank you!

taniya nunu brown says:

How do you go in like I cant go in

Princess says:

Thank you, awesome job!

Brian Gentry says:

Thank you. I’ve been trying to figure this out. And I didn’t know about pic monkey. Holy cow. Thanks again for the value.

Sofi C says:

Thats helps me a lot
¡Greetings from Colombia!

SophiaCantadia 14 says:

You look and sound like cindy chen…

Panda_ Bear12 says:

What microphone do you use for your voice overs?

AlinaTime23 says:

How to make background transparent? Lol sry :/

Brave Wilderness says:

Your fat and ugly

Emerald Adams says:

Omg thanks so much u still helped me out even though this was 2 years ago I needed help because I am going to be my friends editor for her vlogs and stuff so yayy thanks so much I might even start my own yt channel nah jk I don’t wanna have a yt channel

Fred Adams says:

Thanks, i used the *Best FREE Video Editing Software*.

Millz K says:

wow! This video is so helpful!

Taniya Carter says:

My laptop is broken can I edit it on an IPhone 6S?

Adam Bryant says:

Thank you, I wondered how it was done.

HGT says:

You talk to fast

Baudelaire Child Hermione says:


Brayan. Sandovl says:


Bona Cheon says:

Is it weird I got a editing ad before this?

M.Goddess says:

is pic monkey free?

Kayla Martin says:

how do you do your speaciel effects

brown linda says:

The way i Edit My Youtube Movies How to move overlays in iMovie, multiple overlays, and more I use a software ContentSamuraiPro, You can use it too

PrincessRaah RMQ says:

that looks so complicated

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