How I Edit My YouTube Videos (iMovie) + How I Make My Thumbnails

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How old are you? – 14
What grade are you in? – 9th
What do you use to edit? – iMovie
What camera do you use? – Canon EOS Rebel SL1

Disclaimer: I use iMovie to edit my videos which came on my MacBook Pro. I’m definitely not a pro but after using it for a while, I’ve picked up on a few things that I thought were worth sharing 🙂 I really hope you guys like this because it took me hours to edit it and it was super confusing to edit because it was like edit inception haha. Not sponsored at all.



Owxz says:

My photo was too small so it’s 1280 x 609 and will it still work?

ismail malik says:


Darnell says:

thank you so much 🙂 this has helped me out so damn much!

Hxnnah.x says:

This is the most helpful video ever!

Naomi Sandler says:

Make a part two pls

gigi the best says:

wow i have a macbook pro

SuperSolo says:

best vid everr

Bby Skye says:

So I have a Macbook Pro and it won’t let me even download IMovie..

Chris Guthrie says:

Thank you this actually was informative and alot better then most youtubers. You didnt go to fast or slow your words were clear and recognizable. Great work kiddo!!!

Grim and Ben says:

It doesn’t work

Miss Maddie says:

This was soooo helpful! I liked it and subscribed!

June Robinson says:

thank you sweetheart this was helpful. 🙂

Adam Vlogs says:

Subsucribe to my channel thx everyone,ill post a vid tmrw hope youl like it

kinq_bone says:

Very helpful

Jeddah Villanueva says:

Thanks. Ive learnt a lot from this video.

Jon Stern says:

Great tips for Imovie. Thanks so much.

kinq_bone says:

Bruh they keep saying let me pay when it show free trail pickmonkey tripping

MarVlogs XOXO says:


Offensive Cheese says:

how do u put the thumbnail on yt

Rifai188 says:

Awesome video, please make a part two. Thank you for sharing.

Myname Is says:

That’s so cool

hannah emily says:

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CertifiedTuber says:

Where did you learn this stuff??

CrystalCloe says:

This helps Soo much

apisan is cool dude says:

how do you add clips to imovie

bad boy says:

you do it on pickmonkey and i do it on photoshop cs6

Ross Charters says:

Brilliant, thanks 🙂

Gabriella Theofanie says:

thank youuuu for this <3

kinq_bone says:


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