How to Add Text to iMovie

Ya know those ugly title templates in iMovie? Well, there’s a better way and you can do it for free and super easily! Learn how to add your own text to iMovie now.

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Ariel Marcus says:

Thank you so much for the help!

Reilly Sidle says:

its literally not free tho? you have to pay for the transparency thats the whole damn point

Chucky The Rapper says:

ok your awesome!! can I do this using keynote?!?!? example: export as png> transparent background. imovie>import> DONE

LifeInTheMatrix says:

skipped through all of it – start watching around 8 mins guys

Reza Molavi says:

Thank you. great trick.

ler in CA Korean Ang says:

Nice video!! this is really helpful! thank you!

vicky waran says:

What software it is ?

Chaz A. says:

thanks a world super helpful Jess!

RollyJolly ASMR says:


aishiev says:

This was very helpful! Thank you!


What’s the app name?.

Mamiya Phan says:

you sure like to talk 1:51 into video and still no content

Shy & Jay TV says:

So I followed step by step and I purchased the canva an my text are not showing up in iMovie

Aimee Bloodworth says:

Another amazing video! Thanks so much Jessica. You’re like my own personal IT support! I’m using iMovie to create occasional videos and find it really frustrating. Do you think it’s worth upgrading to Premiere Pro?

Made Plant Powered says:

notes for me , start 8′

Muhammad Usman Ghani says:

from where you got music

Cass Cassy says:

Which is a good photoshop for Mac? Thanks

It's My Life says:

This is an awesome video! I have Canva and couldn’t figure this out. Thanks so much! I really enjoyed watching and you teach very well.

35 subs with Cringe vids challenge says:

How in mobile?

A Natural Life says:

Thanks for this but you might want to add a note on the video or alter the description as you said you can do it for free but then said you have to get a Canva business account to use the background transparency function.

I already knew I couldn’t use the transparency without upgrading so I was hoping to find a workaround in this video. My personal workaround is to use a shape in free Canva, put the text in and make the text as big as the background. Then when you add to imovie you can reduce the size and do picture in picture. Hope this helps some people!

If anyone wants to see it in action I just used it in my latest vlog, hopefully it will finish uploading soon! Thanks

German Interactive says:

Thank you Jessica, that was a really great tip.

Madison Perekotiy says:

So helpful! Thank you!

prince xD says:

thank you big help! your so cute

łìł śtàr says:

who want an intro?Reply x


love it

mathees paris says:


Quick facts says:

Your intro aaahhh

The WordPress Workspace with Nicola Tweed says:

Awesome video and so super simple, thank you for sharing!

ari s says:

Does anyone have a tutorial on how to do this on an iPad ?

ShyftTV says:

Video starts at 2:15

JoJo G says:

I love this tutorial. I am an imovie fan and using it’s super simple too! ♥

Melizza Williams says:

How can I do this on my iPad?

Lu Jones says:

Thank you so much for your video, so helpful!

Adam Tallamy says:

Thanks so much. Really, really helpful video! Couldn’t work it out previously 🙂

Lewis Romane says:

this one time, at band camp..

this nigga gay says:

I’m literally just trying to find how to make end credits and it’s 2:02 and my project is do today and just FUUUUUCK

Courtney Gavin says:

WOW! Thank you for this video, this was super helpful and effective!!

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