How to edit video on your iPhone or iPad with iMovie – Full Tutorial 2018

In this video, I’ll show you how to use iMovie for iOS. Taking you through all the steps involved in creating a movie, including importing you media, cutting clips, applying transitions, adding text and adding music.

You can follow along with iMovie on your iPad or iPhone. If you don’t hav a copy of it, go to the App store and download it, it’s a free download.


azz Gaming says:

Thanks for fucking nothing, i was looking how to put a picture/photo in corner

TeddyCavachon says:

Thanks for the video. The Nikon Ftn was my camera back in 1970 used with a f/2 35mm and f1.8 85mm for photojournalism.

Brian P says:

Really helpful video , clearly explained and not hurried . I learned a lot from it . Thanks for sharing your knowledge . Good job .

R Production says:

Sub me plz

Meagan Alderton says:

If there is a video where you want the audio how do you delete the audio for that clip only? Is that possible?

Darren Woloshyn says:

I hate that you can’t export 4K 60fps video. When you click 4K it exports it in 30fps

cl0ud_LightningRoarz says:

Everyone looks like they like this! Hopefully that means I will!

Botts King says:

When i open it the app crashes directly

Glen Robertson TV says:

Thanks for this vid. I am using iMovie to edit all the movies on my channel
Since the recent IOS update I have not been able to use the SD card adapter to upload my files to my ipad. Now I have to share each individual clip with Airdrop from my Mac to Ipad. Huge PITA!
Even contacted Apple and they told me that this was a glitch since the most recent update ..this was two months ago and I’m still waiting for a fix anyone have the same problems or know how to fix this?

marek kaniewski says:

would so appreciate a vid on how to delete video clips. its easy deleting projects but how do I delete vid clips iPhone please?

Mithra’s Cooking says:

I deleted imovie from my phone… how can i reinstall it? Need wifi? Pls reply

Swag Ninja says:

Thanks you teach me the transition at first why is it keep dissolve and I was searching for how to change finally you teach me thank you so much

Corey Bates says:

Great video. Very insightful

Poker Channel says:

hi where is the image shakey stabilization? I need that the most. thx.

MissCloClo says:

this so helpful thank you

Taxi Cuber says:

How can you Blur the background using the IPhone

Tibor Beke says:

Brilliant tutorial, many thanks for the upload. Is there a way to get more themes?

Rage By Nightfall says:

Good video man. This helps me quite a bit.

dandy dandy says:

thanks, very clear

J Peterson says:

Huge help! Thank you!

Sam Splatter says:

Are you able to change the color of the title effects? Default is white.

Radithya Putra Perdana says:

Is there a way for add the cinema crop bar to the imovie app ?

Shayne Murray says:

Thanks very straight forward great work.

Skylight Braille says:

Can you have separate background music for each video in your timeline? If so, how can you do that?

Paul Grass says:

Who else noticed when he accidentally opened an app on his phone in the intro

Nidiette Castro says:

I am trying to make a montage I was told IMovie is perfect for it but for some reason every time I add a picture the picture is zoomed in so you can only see the persons face and not the entire picture. Any suggestions?

Dad’s Way says:

Really good video, I love the way you explain things so well. Do you have any lumafusion tutorials planned? DW

Wolf Schumacher says:

Great tutorial, thanks heaps. Also love your Aussie twang.

DeClutterBug says:

Your tutorial is clear, concise, calm, and thorough. I am starting my iPad/YouTube adventure right now, with your help!

charbel Playz says:

How do u get the title text here?

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