How to edit video with iMovie (2018)

Just a video on how simple it is to edit with iMovie.


Video Viral says:

How did u minimize imovie screen? I cant do that, plis tell me…

Greg Brown says:

Remove your glasses or improve your stage lighting. The under shadow is annoying…especially when your showing us how to do video editing. That is hard to do in post.

Gumball Pop Studios says:

Thank you this helps a lot!!


I cant right click I have a iMac

jalal qaumi says:

I got some questions about imovie can i message you on instagram or something about it?

Nate tube TV says:

My only problem with iMovie is that my videos are not on full screen, pls help.

Alexis Ballesteros says:

This was extremely helpful!! thank you!

Gui Avlis says:

Is there any way to apply fade-out only to the song at the end of the project?

Robyn Design by Robyn says:

I really like this video

Jas says:

Do you have an apple computer?

Tech1Tv says:

I use Windows Movie Maker but it was discontinued last year. I use iMovie on iOS sometimes but Sony Vegas Pro 15 is what i use the most. iMovie is fast and easy to use like Windows Movie Maker

35 subs with Cringe vids challenge says:

how to… how to like god like use iMovie and put like text in the vid

Yo ii says:

this video is really good:) I just also posted a how to edit on iMovie.. But I only showed 4 things. I showed how to do flashing colors, how to do the typewriter text, and emoji flashers, and how to use the greenscreen! I hope you can check out my vid and learn something new:)

OgSpArTaN13th says:

Just subbed to your channel, I’m interested in knowing more on how to edit with iMovie.

Dalolita Xoxo says:

honestly one of the most useful vids out there thanks man

Thiết Bị Nha Khoa TP dental says:

i add my videos, it did not play full video, how can i change all videos with the same screen

Ujoey54 says:

Hi mate thanks very much for the tutorial now I can understand it better cheers from Australia

OgSpArTaN13th says:

Will you be making more tutorials on how to edit with iMovie?

Kimberly Faye Thompson says:

Do you give privates via Skype or hangout, FaceTime? I think with a little instruction I could be off and running.

Dabtime 420 says:

I have a question. I’m editing with imovie and my camera is a Sony a6000 but and the video is 1080p but once I post a video on Facebook the quality is 720 crap. What do I do for better quality?

Kimberly Faye Thompson says:

So glad I found you. Here’s an old lady trying this for the first time. New computer, lots of pix and videos just like all moms – but that’s it. Never edited a vid BUT have paid lots of money to editors and sat with them at the computer saying, “stop”, no, put that in, no take that out, etc. Thanks!! Would really like to have my channel but no production skills as yet.

scarlettmuffin7 says:

Just skip to 2:45, that’s when the relevant info begins.

Devra Singer says:

How did you learn how to use iMovie?

jalal qaumi says:

Deserve way more subs

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