How To Edit Videos On Your iPhone | How To Edit Videos In iMovie 2016! YouTube 101

Hello, everyone! Today I show you how to edit videos on your iPhone with iMovie! How to edit a video in iMovie (app)! This is how I would edit my videos in iMovie 🙂 ANDROID AND iPHONE VERSION LINK BELOW! I love you and hope this video helps 🙂

How to edit videos (iPhone AND Android version):

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In this video, I show you how to edit your videos on iMovie on your iPhone! You can also edit videos on an iPod or iPad with iMovie! This is another video in my YouTube 101 series. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see an editing tutorial explaining how to edit on an android/iPhone in the comments. I hope you enjoy 🙂


1. What do you use to edit your videos? Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11. I actually have some editing tutorials on my channel if you’re interested in learning more about that 🙂

2. How do you edit your thumbnails? I use 🙂

3. How old are you? I am a junior in High School 🙂 I don’t give away my exact age due to privacy reasons.

4. What camera do you use? I use the Canon EOS Rebel T3i 🙂

5. Why is your username “GlanzGuru”? What does it mean?
The word “Glanz” is a German word that can be translated to gloss, radiance, glamour, etc… I thought that “GlanzGuru” would be an appropriate name for this channel. Yes, I have German heritage, but I do not speak German.

6. Where do you live? I do live in the US, but I don’t give away the exact location (again due to privacy reasons).

Thanks for watching! Xoxo, Alison ♥

FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. As always, all opinions are 100% mine 🙂


Rainbow Slimes says:

For android users I highly recommend using power director

Kimberlyn Sanchez says:

You are awesomeeeee

Emely Cas says:

I am a android user

Girly Squad says:


Feature OA says:

fart jokes did it for me

Almighty TakeOFF says:

u guys go sub to me?

GlanzGuru says:

JUNE 2017 UPDATE: I am planning on making a part 2 for BOTH android and iPhone users ASAP.
UPDATE 2: I posted the video! Here’s the link:

allison for life says:

my name is Allison

Erin O'Brien says:

You went to fast… and you ONLY showed making a movie with the “trailer”. What if one wants CREATE?

Jc YouTube’s says:

I don’t get it

CutieDonut Grete Grace Jokubaityte says:

Thank you so much! This helped me a lot!

Disha Shinde says:

Yeah how to edit on Android pls

Taufik Hasan says:

U should use screen recorder

Lps Awesome says:

Half apple half android

Tiayah Osman says:

Thank you so much

MajesticMaddie 12354 says:


Christian Andersson says:

When tapping the clip I want to split it jumps straight to the beginning of the clip, making it impossible to split it. How to solve?

Comedy Vines says:

I love u

Jackie Garcia says:


Christopher Kunihiro says:

Ur hot

Chris Rowan says:

Thankyou, this video was really helpful

Ali Iceberg ASMR says:

Thank You


How do you make pop tags

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please follow me and tell people to

The art of Arianna says:

I’m a kid and I don’t have a YouTube videos but I wish my mom says their is crazy people on YouTube is that truw

Kindra Forever says:

You helped me so much, thank u

MarshMellow4RealGaming says:

This was good for me because i have a samsung and have IMovie Editor

Niwa Subba says:

can i add clips?

Ke’Maria Reyes says:

How do you remove black bars from the video?

loom_Craft Loom Crafts says:

what is the nam e of this app

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