How To Make Your Videos Look More Cinematic in iMovie||Tutorial

In this tutorial video, I’ll show you guys some basics in color grading to give your videos a more cinematic look in iMovie. With these tips you can start to make your films look more professional! Stay tuned for more tutorials like this covering iMovie, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro!


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letterboxing file:



This is really helps me out, thanx !!

Yanira Ruiz says:

Thanks !!!! Increible logré Cinematic in iMovie

Soo Han says:

thanks for this great video. I followed your directions to create a black box around the frame…but when I attach it to the video, the bars doesn’t QUITE cover the screen…there is a hairline exposer on the outside edges of the black frame. Can you tell me how to address this? thank you

A Tumbling Panda says:

What font did you use for the text on your thumbnail? Did you get it on dafont?

Lens Vibes says:

how do i over lay it on my clip help asap please

Charles Vlogs says:

How do u overlap the letterbox? Please help.

Gonzalo Pascual says:

Very helpful video, first time i see about letterboxes!!! I just wish you could talk a little slower or more clear… since i guess there´s a lot of us who doesnt have english as a native language!!! Brilliant though

Zelthy says:

what was the text in thumbnail?

FILIKU says:

That letterbox thing is dope. I made one in Illustrator and used it that way. I also make my titles in there as well. Thanks for sharing

Keagster says:

Thanx! Angus this was really help full and my next vlog should have some cinamatic footage and ill be sure to shout you out!

Caleb Canales says:

awesome tutorial thanks and cool channel

Keith Saavedra says:

Thanks for the tips, man.

Tales of a Trail Runner says:

Angus, keep the videos coming mate!. Clear simple to the point found them extremely helpful.

ItsPlatel says:

W0W! he had to use google! so gud.

aura aguilar says:

Thanks for the tip man!

Eagle Eyes 27 says:

Great video! You really seem to know what you’re doing

Sarah Madsen says:

what writing type are u using for your thumbnail? i really like it

Yih Yun Lau says:

good and informative

Michael Spaven says:

How did you do the text?

Anthony Overton says:

Great video. I just started my channel and use iMovie, so this really helped me out.

raydunakin says:

Very helpful, thanks!

Emmett Music says:

Great tutorial! Thanks a lot!

DallasTexan says:

Thanks for this upload!!!

ESKA BAU says:

Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto

Yousifian Nation says:

fuck you!!!! dont show all the steps retarded video!!!not helpfull!!

TheLittleThings36 says:

yay city hall!!

Tuyết Nghi Lê says:

thank for your tutorial so much Angus…
how to store and organize videos?

arduino hobbyist says:

nice thanks!

Connor Paton says:

i like the .png widescreen trick.. thanks for sharing! Will be using this on my new videos for sure

Creating Studios says:

I’ll be happy if you my brother can give me a shoutout

Piapot21 says:

Most useful ever for the letter box

Ethel Diessa says:

Thank you!

Rebecca Rae says:

watch my tutorial on how to stop the “letter box’s” from moving ! 🙂

JanChrstn Uy says:

Yoooo thanks for the free letterbox template!! I finally will no longer have to use green screen effect from google lol

Zak Saade says:


Angus Crossley says:

Hey guys, I will be putting out a new video today as part of a series where I try to cover everything about iMovie. Today Ill be going over the basics, showing you how to load in clips, overlay them, and explaining what tools you have available and what they do. If you guys have any other things you want me to cover in future videos let me know down below! Also send me any of your other questions for a Q&A about filming/editiing, or anything else!

mxim says:

haha I hit the sub button and the thumbs up hand popped up haha – sorry if my grammar isn’t the best, im German 🙂

stefano giovannini says:

Thanks! one of the few tutorials where i did not need to speed up the playback! Can you apply the same color corrections to clips imported at a later time? Too bad iMovie does not have numeric values for the corrections. Also anyway to de-fisheye an action camera in iMovie? Does Premiere elements have less coarse color grading sliders? That is my main issue with iMovie.

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