How to Use iMovie | A Beginner’s iMovie Tutorial

How to use iMovie! The tutorial you’ve been asking for is FINALLY here – learn how to use imovie in this beginner’s imovie tutorial. If you’re holding back doing video because you don’t have the equipment you need…wait no longer because iMovie is FREE (on Macs) and is EASY peasy to learn…watch now!

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The equipment I used to film this video:

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Kawaii Luxe says:

Hello! Very helpful and to the point ! Love your vids! I have a question and did not see a vid on any of your playlists….What is your lighting set up – It seems as every video I click to ask this question , I do not notice much of an artificial light source, but on your other vids that are nice and clean and the perfect cool temp… What kind of lighting are you using? And while I am asking , camera or iphone?

Kavita Sharma Ajmer says:

Hello sister how are u

Mayra Alejandra Garcia says:

Jessica, how to do you add a clip? Also, what tool can us PC users edit with?

Tanya Plummer says:

Thanks for this, Jessica. I just piddle around, not really knowing what I’m doing and so am very happy to get a good tute like this!

Courtney Berry says:

This training was fantastic! I tried using IMovie before and it confused me so much that I installed Movavi instead. All of the trainings that I found online for IMovie were outdated and I couldn’t follow so thank you Jessica for making this program user friendly!

Julie Reister says:

Thank you so so much! Especially for revealing the simplicity of grabbing a thumbnail! I have a few really bad thumbnails that I either need to replace… or just leave for the joy of obvious “growth.” I really love your videos, your energy, and the way you present your information. Thank you Jessica

Wingman115 says:

You are correct. I’ve used iMovie for years. It’s all about content.

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