How to Use iMovie on your iPhone to Edit Videos

iMovie is one of the easiest movie editing software out there. In this video I am covering all the basic forms of editing with iMovie and what tools I use most. Have fun!

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jimmy theskid says:

Putting same comment on any of these tutorials , no one can tell me why when I add import my own sounds and I try to cut and remove portion of sound I don’t want the movie maker keeps putting back the entire sound and won’t let me line it up with the spot on the time line that I want it on all these tutorials waffle on about all basic shit you can figure out but nothing on adding cutting and lining up imported sounds useless

Sarah Al Jufaili says:

This is the best imovie tutorial on youtube ! thank you very much :c)

Random Hacks says:

Sorry to be a pain but your lighting is really bad it looks yellowish

Video Dude says:

What the Frick distant help at all this is all fake this is not how I movie works you on a different app! What the Frick were you thinking making this video ! Plus you don’t even make your videos good your horrible making videos not even good at making editing you stink horrible I did subscribe but now I’m subscribing you need freaking help man just quit YouTube already i’m looking for a great YouTube or and you’re not one of those i’m never watching any your videos again by the way Bigfoot is fake

RN Ratti says:

Android version link please

Tre 3x says:

Thanks for the help I’m a beginner YouTuber so

Jackie Soong says:

Any way to rotate a video using the app?

Timmy Fangs says:

Thanks for this video! Usually I have difficulty finding simple straightforward things like “How to use iMovie on the iPhone.”  So, I really appreciate this, LOL!
I got the iPhone 8 Plus and I’m planning on doing as much as possible with it. I will definitely be playing with iMovie on the iPhone now!

Susan Dopart - Life Style Solutions says:

One of the only videos on youtube that shows how to make a move ON your iPhone! Thanks for the great information!

Angler Magazine says:

Great video-Exactly what I was looking for !

Craig Barnett says:

Hi Bigfoot – Just a quick comment. The introduction music is … awful. It also makes it difficult to watch your videos late at night or in any situation where you don’t want to bother people.
The music doesn’t add excitement or energy as many think – just aggravation.
It makes binge watching your videos a jarring experience.

Proclaim My Faith says:

How did you make your intro?

Dionne Owens-Watson says:

The information was very helpful. I’m a visual individual. This was great!

Ms. Tynette says:

Thank so much! great tips….Liked and subscribed

Fly Rod Hiker says:

This is a great video and a great help! Thanks a million!

tien nguyen says:


Viviana Ochoa says:

very helpful, thanks!

Andrea Collins says:

Thx so much. Best iMovie tutorial I’ve watched!

hannah marie says:

Thank you fam.this made it seem was very organized ,keep it up

heyitzshanolla xo says:

this video really did help me out with me editing a video, i didnt understand how to use this iMovie at first but since i seen this video it’s really helpful!!everytime i cant remember hwo to useit i watch this video over and over then i manege ive already made two 20 second long videos and i love them thanks for the help! 🙂

aztekawarrior7 says:

Awesome Tutorial! Live Long and Prosper!

Mom of Zaco says:

Hi, can you pls teach me how to fit/remove black bars pictures or/especially my videos on the screen on iMovie?

Elle W says:

Hahahaha im DYING first time watching the channel and didn’t notice the name and I cracked up when he said “HEY GUYSSSS ITS BIGFOOT” hahhaha omg

None says:

Is there a way to make the video appear full screen instead of landscape once you upload it to YouTube?


Thank you so much. This video really helped.

Review by Zainab says:

Thank you so much

Always Ki says:

How can I take the background music out after having the “movie” saved?

Kevin’s Vlogs says:

And you can use PocketVideo

TrailTrekker says:

Great tutorial, and very helpful. Do you need wifi to upload to Youtube? How are hikers able to upload daily vlogs to youtube on the trail?

Ethan Libby says:

Really helpful

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