How to use iMovie

I know I didn’t go over EVERYTHING! But that’s the basics…. I think

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Ruby Wyse says:

I don’t need school, I have learning sundays from Rachel

Elisabeth Knight says:

“I’m yellow! I’m blue! I’m..a child”

Elaina Palka says:

Thank you so much this really helped me for a school project!

JazzyBrookJ vlogs says:

I can’t figure out how to edit my videos on my iPad

June Bug says:

sooo helpful AND entertaining?? THANK YOU

Ak dah cutie HH says:

I like this vid.

_iHaVeNoLiFe_ OFFICIAL says:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Laurndaurn says:

this helped a lot!

Rita Veronica says:

thank you I had looked everywhere for a good video on this topic and yours is the best one

Kaitlyn plays Roblox says:

It’s easier to use on iPhone or ipad

Lauryn with a y says:

This was so helpful and to the point! Love your energy! Thanks can’t wait to post my vlog 🙂

Mittycat20 says:

Im so sad because all my devices are android.

Triple C TV says:

Great video

Becki Pink says:

I use final cut pro X

xxitsemma9xx says:

ohmygod rachel edits with imovie

reagan lacy says:

*two birds one worm*
(stolen from corinne)

JAps ay says:

I think I’m in love with Rachel

Reese Sweet says:

I have I move the only thing I use ool

Ash Naderhoff says:

Great video. I love the energy and it is super informative! Keep it up, I actually had fun watching.

David Hunter says:

Thanks Rachel, just bought the MacBook Pro 2017, tried to load my normal video editing program of Pinnacle 19 Ultimate,, Plus I’ve had most of the other Pinnacle programs! But sadly there not compatible with the Mac, so now I need to learn for the time being “ IMovie”glad I’ve found your channel on some of the whys and wherefores! Another learning curve. ….. looming I feel!
Subbing to your channel.:-)

Yazzy is a Unicorn says:

who else likes before watching?

henriettechristelle konate says:

so funny I laughed more than concentrate on learning

Robyn Dalton makeup by Robyn says:

you are awesome and fun to watch

Dennis Cornell says:

Very Efficient & Straight Forward, easy to understand, Thanks.

Elingtons 0_0 says:

I subscribed and imovies great

vic placido says:

Just came across this video. Pretty sure I’m in love.

safa ghazi says:

great video!! I learned a lot!!

Bianca Barraza says:

thank you for this video! you taught me everything I wanted to learn and were to the point and didn’t make me fall asleep like other videos!

Macc00 RBLX says:

How do u add texts and stuff

CompletelyKarin says:

OMG! Your video is sooo helpful! I am learning literally so much on how to edit my youtube videos. Thank you for the help and great, easy to follow video! You’re amazing.

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