iMovie 10 Tutorial: Beginners and Basics

If you’re not a fan of iMovie 10, you can launch iMovie 9 by this trick:

So I decided to make a video that showed how I use iMovie and the basics within (on Macbooks, iMacs, and other laptop and desktop devices – This is not for iPads/iPhones). Also, this does not necessarily represent how iMovie should be used, but it is my beginner’s guide as these are the simple features that I use, without having to shell out for a more advanced movie editor.

Views of the software are purely my own and not everyone may agree that this is the best way to use iMovie, but this demonstrates how I use it and how easy it is.


bill keys says:

Dude, if you know the skills, I’d like to hear about it

Robyn Fettman says:

How do you show the time when editing your video (like I scroll my cursor over the clip) it doesn’t show where I am in my clip

jan timms says:

thank you very much – this video training is very useful. have a great day. jx

Funky Duck Soap says:

Thanks so much!! Very helpful!!

Love Doctor says:


Love Fluffybums says:

Very helpful tutorial!! Thank you SO much!!!

Holosexual Sadie says:

An ad for screen recorder came up before this video what a suprise

Tomek Flis says:

Nice one
Thx a lot

helloo helloo says:

does anyone know how to add a laser effect on imovie

Gwenie601 says:

I’ve been working on a family films movie in iMovie, which is not completed. Yesterday I installed an app which makes space on the MacBook hard drive. I think I may have accidentally deleted my iMovie project, including all he slides. Can I recover them and how do I do this?

Facts About Everything says:

I am usually terrible for following instructions
thanks to watching this video, i have finished my first video,
thanks so much, i owe u one, u have no idea

Moffer Gaming says:

Hey!,Thanks Very Much For Teaching Me!!! :]

Gumie35 says:

I know this is an old thread, but I’m still using iMovie 10. My screen doesn’t look like yours. It also doesn’t have the big bottom one or the tools in the middle. I can’t figure out how to get them back either. I have googled it countless times and I’m frustrated. Any help would be great. Again, how do I get the tool features back and how do I get the bottom big window at the bottom. Also how do you save? It won’t let me save anything.

Linda Johnson says:

I have I movie 10 but it has not got the same stuff he is talking about!

Gordon Rutherford says:

Well explainsd tutorial

Spawn says:

i have the 10.11 update

Clay Wadman says:

Thank you so much. I viewed the video the first time I used iMovie 10, then again as a refresher just now. The sound is perfect, and this gives all the basics I need.

Aman Didwania says:

the volume is too low..

Ellie Maya says:

I’d really appreciate if people subbed to me!! I’m going to start videoing soon, thanks!

TheFamilyguy421 says:

Your audio is very quiet on this video

levi sepuesca says:

thank you so much very clear and easy to follow

HeyThere Lana says:

i can literally use twice as fast speed over these videos

jbm628 says:

This was short and sweet, thank you

ayush jain says:


Ynamic Gaming says:

Stop zooming

Ciaoin Lin says:

thx,its very clear and i learned it easily.

Spawn says:

but i have a black star

silver passion says:

You don’t really need to go down until so basic as if we are so dumb or ever touch a computer. Go straight to the pt is more effective. Your tutorial can actually halve the time

PaxeGames says:

They really fucked up imovie.. the 9 version was sooo much easier

juliaxoxo _ says:

Like = Week of good luck
Reply = Month

ShadowSnake says:

I cant drag and drop plz help!!

Holly WV says:

Thank you this helped!

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