iMovie 2015 – FULL TUTORIAL

This iMovie tutorial will teach you all the basics of video editing on a Mac. Many of the tricks and short cuts also apply to Final Cut Pro X should you decide to take things to the next level. In this class, David will cover how to import your footage using hot keys to save you time, how to add transitions, background music, sound effects, and more. If you want to master the very basics of video editing this class is the class for you. Learn iMovie (2015 version) today!

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kelsey florita says:

are these videos or just images?

alikh idzam says:

you are beast!!!!

joysee2938 says:

Loved it–great class!!! Thank you!!

A-Dam BOOM! says:

Really nice tutorial David! i hope you don’t mind me asking the following (Apologies in advance if this has already been asked…)?
I am struggling to find a way to import media from my Photos app which is now located on my external sd (because of space limitations on my mac ssd (500gb)). Has anyone overcome this problem without having import all files required over to their desk top first for delation after use??? Thx

Evan Club/Bill Cipher says:

i know all of this already

michael asfahan says:

how to add a song from outise of itune ??

Biz Zone Group says:

Stunning video. Learned a lot. Thanks David. I will send you some support $$$$$ very soon since your lessons are free.

K- Vlogs says:

Great video!

BlackdogGS says:

Very helpful vid! I was making YouTube videos using iMovie for iPad and just upgraded to a MacBook Pro. Do you think a mouse would be helpful? I just completed a motorcycle trip from Portland OR to Ushuaia Argentina and had my helmet cam on the entire time. I need to make a 1 hour video from the 200 clips I have.

Celestial Eye Allah says:

Thank you I truly appreciate you!!!!

K98Al says:

very glad I found your video! Thanks for putting this out>

Hans Nikoley says:

Absolutely a great help to keep me from buing other good software. Thank you so much.

JLNTV says:

Could you tell me how to relocate the imovie files to a external hard drive? Importing to files to my HD fills the memory on my Mac book.

THe Miss Smart says:

Thank you! great teacher!!!

Russ Shirley says:

Really well done David, thank you.

J.Origami Tutorials says:

Great Video.

Amanda Carls says:

Say I created two great things in one project, how do I save or move a group of already edited things into another project?

Theresa Shelton says:

Thank you David! I have a class project to do a short video. I have never used iMovie and now feel like I can actually do this.

Sukhvinder Singh says:


Riley Porto says:

CAn I get one more sub please

Jervy Advincula says:

Thank you, very Informative

Matthew William says:


David Melville says:

Cheers For the Advice 7:-)

Gagandeep singh says:

who else is watching this in 2017?? and want to start a YouTube channel

Honami Cox says:

thank you for this video, it helped me so much

Shakid cmt says:

How do I get the software for this video editing plz

Julia Pierre says:

Hey David – I am trying to put my microscope pictures in a YouTube video using iMovie but every time I insert the images its blurry for a few seconds and then at the end it focuses and looks HD – – how can I get it to be HD the entire time??? Sorry I am new to imovie and your videos really help!

BeanMachine says:

Dem eyebrows boiiiiii

slick nick205T says:

I filled up my notes section lol

Holly G says:

Great video!  Thanks for sharing!  You’re a great teacher!

Lindy Beeson says:

I’m only 7 minutes into this video and i’m learning SOO MUCH! THANK YOU!!!

JLNTV says:

Great Video BTW

diipii1 says:


Jenny Yu says:

How do I add photos from from Photos Library? I do not have the default Photos Library in my iMovie…

Sarthak Verma says:

Amazing tutorial. Helped me a lot ! Thank you so much ! Going to use I movie for the first time in my newly bought MacBook Pro.

Christian J. says:

Like a few other commenters here, I was quite lost when starting with IMovie but not after watching this great educational video. Just excellent. Thumbs up..

angelica nevarez says:

Im trying to export a video to a pendrive and i cant, the video is 6 gb and the pendrive is 16 gb, so i really need to resolve these problem, please heeeeeelp

Mike Battista says:

Super helpful! Thank you!

Gin Gin Farragher says:

~ I am editing old VHS recordings from an old camcorder -they are now digital. So… I may sound really low, yet the one holding the camcorder is SUPER loud; it really needs to be adjusted. –With the previous iMovie (before I upgraded to Sierra), I was able to drag over specific voices in the audio area and either raise or lower the volume. (Not the entire audio clip.) I am now having difficulty finding where and how to do this with the iMovie from Sierra. Is this new iMovie able to do this, or is the feature gone? Suggestions if it’s gone, please 🙂 I still have many more to edit! Also, I appreciate all the time & detail you’ve put in your video. Thank you VERY MUCH!

Bo Jan says:

Great Video 🙂
But the music on Audiojungle is not for free, or maybe I wasn´t able to find it?

shd Haydari says:

i need 1 more subscriber to reach a 100. will anyone help?

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