iMovie 2016 LIVE – Full Tutorial

This iMovie 2016 class which covers all the basics of video editing. Download the User Guide Here: This was taught live online via our YouTube channel and we’ve recorded it and edit it for all of you to enjoy. In this class, David will go over how to import footage, important hotkeys to make the editing process easier, how to add transitions, music, voiceover audio, and so much more.

iMovie is produced by Apple and comes with every Mac. With it, you’ll be editing like a pro in no time… especially after watching this tutorial.


Freddi Fredrickson says:

I have a simple question on iMovie. When I open it up, it always has other iMovie projects in the Preview, Timeline, Footage Bin (aka Events) Screens. I want to have it totally blank, so I can import my photos, audio, etc how do I get rid of the other timelines and photos?

Lovciam Cię says:

this was really helpful – thank you – and also this guy is just so cool xd

Tien Duong says:

lol the sue part

Doug C says:

I am brand new to editing. Very informative tutorial! Thank You!!

Shalabh Saxena says:

Love your videos.

ben kalcher says:

I don´t have the ability to add my music into I movie it always says “files are protected and unavailable”. How can I unlock them?

TheSeidlGamer says:

I loved the tutorial. I am just a little confused how to burn my Movies to DVD.

Vish says:

how do we add music as an intro before a video starts using iMovie? Thanks.

Paul says:

Brilliant video – just started editing and this has taught me more in 45m about how to use iMovie than a few hours of fumbling around myself achieved. Thanks for creating it.

Tandy G says:

THE BEST iMOVIE TUTORIAL EVER…Simply The Best…Thanks David…its you who made it easy to understand…you are really a good tutor…Thanks again…Cheers

The Shirtless Preacher says:

This was great information….

Thanks so much

Elizabeth Tellez says:

Hey, absolutely loved your video.
I wanted to ask where you get royalty free music, or get the right to playing a song on the video to later post it on youtube…

Ibrahim Al-Jboory says:

You are really a very distinguished tutor although for some non-English speaker sometimes hard to follow your quick explanations.Appreciate your efforts.

Yuri Kovar says:

Great video. Do you still have a summary pdf of of the short cut editing strokes. I was taking notes but it now looks like gibberish to me – my note taking is not the greatest.

Kristin Redd says:

You seem to know everything and I am at a loss. I am trying to fade audio in and out and I understand what to do yet when I hover my cursor over the correct spot instead of the little message box indicating that it will fade the volume in or out I get a message that says “Press the R key while dragging to select a range” and it wants to trim the clip. I am at a loss as to why this keeps happening. Can you help?

Wayne Goldzweig says:

Dave, you did a Great job! Thank you! I do want to mention something that should have been mentioned in your tutorial, which I’m sure many people will be confused over … When saving the video as a file, you mentioned the significant increase in size when selecting ”Best’ as opposed to ‘High’. The size was something like 14GB in the ‘Best’ mode. You can still create a DVD, which typically holds only 4.7GB. The DVD creation programs (apps) use compression, and usually go by minutes, not size. By saving your file to the ‘Best’ format, the end result on DVD will be much sharper. Again, Great job!


super! thanks

yo mama says:

how do you do slow motion?

AjamalD says:

thank you so much man very helpful and understandable insight

Tab Brown says:

Outstanding! Thanks so much.

Matheus Campello says:

FLAWLESS! Excelente job man

Stephen Maaz says:

I knew absolutely nothing about iMovie; before I completed your tutorial I had completed a 4 min informational clip for a missionary. Absolutely a well presented and narrated instructional video!! Thank you very much!

DanaAnneRoss says:

your video’s audio is making it very difficult to concentrate, it is just fading in and out 🙁

Ori Mazuz says:

Good stuff, but can you please use a pop filter on your mic next time? the pops are really annoying…

Identity Counsel Brand Consultants says:

This is the best Tutorial ever!!!!! thank you – BTW I love your town – was there 20 years ago!

Peter Churchill says:

Great tutorial the first one I’ve understood from start to the finish .Thanks

The Official Dj Strech says:

Hi I can’t seem to find the link that you mention to be able to download music that don’t need copy rights to. I do DJ gig blogs and I actually was wondering if I can use music but you mentioned I need copyright to use it.

Vittoria Locurcio says:

thank you so much for the tips. I really need to know how to save PROJECTS and NOT videos on an external disk. Please answer soon! It really got me crazy! Thanks so much

Scott Harrell says:

The best iMovie video I have ever watched!  I am entertaining the thought of making some videos and I cannot tell you how much your video has helped me.  I have had my mac desk top for about two or so years and never really knew how to use this program.  Usually I would find myself so frustrated I would just quit.  I have subscribed and I look forward to watching your videos.  Thank you so much.

Paris Hall says:

This video was amazing. I i searched so haed and watched many videos on how to use iMovie and yours was the best hands down.

Hunter Gantos says:

This tutorial was SO HELPFUL! Thank you!!!

Letter to Francesca says:

Hey great tutorial 🙂 just wanted to know two things. 1. iMovie is not showing any themes to me.2. Whenever I am shooting a video in my Nikon D5100 it is shooting in quicktime movie which imovie doesn’t show. what do I do about that? Please let me know. will be really grateful.

Mj Gruskin says:

While I appreciate the tutorial, my ears hurt listening to you drone on snd on. With respect, you must love the sound of your voice. I’m “attempting” to learn how to use iMovie on my iPhone 7plus and you’re not the one to teach me.

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