iMovie 2017 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview]*

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Pamela Swain says:

Beginner of iMovie after many years of Roxie. HUGE difference! Your tutorial is thorough and very informative. Thank you. How do I put my project onto a disc? I was using a DELL for years, so this is a big change. Thank you for helping all of us to create great memories!

Mary Keel says:

I have Bushnell trail cameras which have disk or chips that I can plug in to the back of my mack. However I can not get the pictures to come up. When I remove the chips, the message on the screen said disk not removed properly Eject EK122. how can I get the pictures to download and what is the EK122?

Warren McClure says:

Hey thanks for the video, it helped me quite a bit

Sarah Clay says:

Great Tutorial, thank you. I seem to have imported my whole video library into my film! Can you tell me how to delete multiple frames as a group? Thank you.

KISS for Health says:

I am making videos for my facebook page. I have made 3 different videos on my phone. So far I have been able to do all that you showed here. Yay me! However, I have split the clips a couple times and am trying to cut a few clips from one video and move them to another (which, technically, is a separate project.) How can I move clips from one project to another? Thanks for the great video!

Enniati Rusli says:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! have been trying to figure this thing out and today i was enlightened.

PuzzlePicture says:

Thank you, you did an excellent job laying out for us Novices to easily comprehend the “how to’s” of this app

Paul Cleverley says:

Short and concise. Thanks.

Zam Muan says:


: )


its like rocket sience to me

Selena Gomez says:

My fucking laptop isn’t ducking right yeah I am but it isn’t doing anything so wtf?

Autumn Breeze AG says:

hi Bai when I trey to create new media or whatever it is Called it doesn’t work

dodo13500 says:

How about we start at square one….how do I import my movie in the first place!!

JanChrstn Uy says:

Man that fade tip for the audio really helped!!!

Niko Sleeis says:

My MacBook Pro was destroyed, therefore, I lost my key for my very, very expensive video editing software. Unfortunately it was borrowed from a friend who no longer has access to the key due to no longer being employed by the company from where he had access to the key. I am now forced to learn this. :/

RAFA says:

Very helpful video, thanks! Last time I really used iMovie was back in 2007 and clearly a lot has changed since then hahahaha

Travels, Trials & Tips from S/V The White Pearl says:

Thanks for all the great tips! It went a little fast, but I will watch again when I get stuck!

Víctor González says:

Great video! Thank you very much

Red RBLX says:

this video was pure gold! i recently started a yt channel and i had no idea how to edit m vids!! I’ve been searching for ages to find a tutorial but this was the only one that made sense to me!! TY SO MUCH

jamesrdraper says:

can you do a tutorial on green screen special effect, for shooting videos with different locations?

Matthew Petry says:

@bai Do you know what the “quality” selection literally does during the export process. does it change the visual quality or the audio quality too?

James Lewis Actor says:

Outstanding quality! Perfectly organized, professionally (and clearly) presented. My salute to the voice person and all the behind-the-scenes production people. Many of the tutorials on You Tube were thrown together at the last minute and are confusing. Others try to be entertaining and hip. They are neither. Nor are they informative. Bai has set a new high water mark for others to pursue.

MarieNightAndDay says:

Very good video but … I realized 25 projects and I do not have any more space in my computer , is it necessary to supress the projects of imove once exported?

one way lawn service says:

like and subs. your video is great for me

ShadowSlayerGaming says:


Charles Price says:

A LOT of information for a beginner! I’ve been using iMovie several years so this tutorial was GREAT – so many things I was not aware of – fortunately I could stop and repeat – but this was VERY helpful. THANKS

Ernestas Kybartas says:

Thank you so much, good video and best tutorial.This really help.

Pamela Swain says:

After years on a DELL using Roxie, I am excited to switch to this program which is user friendly! Thank you for helping us make great memory treasures!

Amino Amvs says:

Thank you so much! i felt as if your were teaching me in person and now can practice with no worrys of where to start

Bolly Jolly says:

Ugh, I must be really stupid if I still dont get it >.> D: WHYYY

Esmail Samim says:

Thank you much Bai. The tutorial is very helpful for those who are new with iMovie.

Treasure Hunting Pro says:

To much intro about how good

Sue Yieu says:

Thank you so much I had no idea what to do

Cinty McMullen says:

The Mac and I have a love/hate relationship. Your tutorial was so helpful as this was my first ever attempt at making a movie from my photos. Thanks.

César Quintero says:

Hi Bai, thanks for the tutorial. I was wondering if there’s a way to change aspect ratio when working with video on iMovie and export a 900 x 1600 video? Thanks

Zay ZayTv says:

How do you make a picture stay up longer

Tom Stallcup says:

Nice video!!! Question, can I transport audio from a separate DAW such as Studio One?

Azeet Media says:

very nice and informative

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