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Want to learn the basics of video editing? You’ve come to the right place! In this 43 minute class, David will show you everything you need to know in order to edit with iMovie. We’ll start off showing you how to import and organize your footage and then we’ll cover topics like adding transitions, adding text to your video, animate your photos by adding “the Ken Burns effect” to them, and so much more.

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Once you’ve got this lesson down, you may want to check out my class on Final Cut Pro X. I’m going to be updating it in the near future, but this is my class from last year:

Looking to stabilize your iPhone/Android’s Video Footage? Here’s the gimbal I can’t stop recommending:

For additional resources, please check out my handy PDF guide with a list of all links and handy hotkeys to make editing your next video a breeze!

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GroovyVideo2 says:

could you make the pointer smaller

Bob J says:

David, I can’t find my “shared” folder on my iMac. I have my MacBook Pro in the next room with some movies on it and my shared folder don’t show up on my iMac so I can import some movie files. Do you have any idea how I can make my MacBook Pro show up in iMovie on my iMac?

Riaz Hathey Photography says:

Brilliant – Thanks, love your videos..

Shali N says:

please please make a video for iMovie using an iPhone.

Edward Wojciechowski says:

Great class! I learned a lot about using iMovie.

rprmlr772 says:

I love this tutorial. Very informative! I learned so much already! Thank you!

Paul Stolzer says:

A ton of good information. In the process of editing my first underwater video (GoPro)…and suggestions/

hnlettings says:

Hi David,
Excellent tutorial, thanks. Your timing could not have been better as I have recently sorted out my camcorder vids from the 1990’s and decided I needed to digitise.

Steve Bellone says:

Hi i have some 2 hour MP4s – I don’t see how you can break those down into shorter clips to put in the timeline. Do they need to be converted first to something else or ?

Sam Goo says:

It’s pretty long, but I wanna watch pretty bad.

darren critchley says:

Great tutorial

Pedro Uriartte says:

Thanks for sharing! Any plan to release the second part of the FCPX video or an update of the first one?

Annette Kalfon says:

Helow David! Your tutorials are very detailed. Thank you for all your effort. If you let me please add one thing, in minute 39:40 you talked about only one way to find information on the file, there is another way to find the information, to press right click on the clip and in the bottom it says: “revel in project media” (or shift f). I listen and grow with your tutorials and you are an amazing teacher, thank you very much.

USA Live Broadcast says:

Thumbs up excellent Tutorial.

Lita Ziang says:

what’s the difference between iMovie and final cut x ?

VPPAF says:

great video I learned a few new things like the sound effects bit I would just like to add I have found sometimes when I want to crop my video to change the size of the image the default crop box adjustment box isn’t great if you want more control of the crop box click on the image you want to crop in the media place then click crop you have more options to change the crop box i.e. a narrow letterbox hope people understand what I mean

Jeff Feltes says:

It is amazing how many of your tutorials are not only fantastic, but FREE! Just amazing, so thank you! This was a nice, quick tutorial. Most of it I knew, but there were three things that I definitely took out of here to improve my video editing skills. Is there a more in-depth version of this too? Like an Expert Series? Because there are a couple of things I don’t understand about iMovie, but not things that a simple tutorial would cover. Thanks again!

Ray Nelson says:

Will you make a video for iMovie on iPhone and iPad. Updated guide with all features.

Christopher Bonini says:

Extremely thorough walk through. Question though about splitting the video clips…does this action of splitting the clips destroy the original video file?

Lucky singh says:

Nice video sir
N waiting for full editing on lama fusion

Doer Blunted says:

Thank you for this video. I have a you tube channel for the fun of it. I make videos of me playing games no commintarie or anything. I use to record from beginning to end and then post because I had no skills with iMovie app. Now I can edit these videos and put all my videos of me screwing up and dying together with some kind of skill. I’m not trying to become the next you tuber but I do this for me and I enjoy doing it. Time to record my co workers I play with and upload there failures to trash talk at work.

Mohd. Aquil Tiburon says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge to the needy. However, what I really need to know this time is how did you compress the 43 min video to 124 MB? My 32 min video is 6 GB. Please let me know how and which compressor app was that. Again thank you very much.

zhenxing tang says:

Thanks for the tutorials!

Raymond Connors says:

I was wondering how to shorten a music clip. I tried shortening one at the end of a video but it shows no music yet continues to play on.can’t get it to fade out.

Kenneth Rehfeld says:

Hi David, thanks for another great video tutorial. You mention in the video, that you have some music ressources, could you pleas leave a link? By the way could you someday make at tutorial for Camtasia, I can see you are using it – please :-). Thanks for all your tutorials that have been teaching me for years.

Cathy Lankford says:

David, another great video. As always very informative and inspiring.

Lucas Ritzman says:

this is awesome, thanks! How do you delete stuff with one click? what key or keys is that

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