iMovie 2018 – Full Tutorial for Beginners – 16 MINUTES! [+General Overview]

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Dean Roadifer says:

Nice tutorial, it would be a little better if the focus on the screen was a little clearer when watching the video.

Sherri Jones says:

Computer voice very distracting.

Teo Szendrey says:


Rosy Hernandez says:

This is the best tutorial I have seen. Thanks for only providing the info needed and quickly showing it.

dolls, dragons & Dopeys/brother says:

I made a 36 min video, but it wouldn’t let me post it on youtube! Help me!!!

Normand Dorais says:

Quite useful for me

BeastJuan0417 Gaming says:

Thanks very helpful

Anika Lacsina says:

Hi how can you move the text around?

Dan Oliveira Bps says:

hi how to exporte in 1080×1920 to instagram ? tank you

Ellis Jay Farrow says:

How do you have multiple texts and multiple pictures on the same frame at the same time?

Kabirs Entertainment Center says:

Thanks , Very helpful tips 🙂

jslasher1 says:

Much too rushed to be considered a decent tutorial. Not recommended.

It'sMe Preddy says:

what if the preview of the video clips don’t show? how to make it work?

William A-D says:

I am using a picture how do I keep the image still and stop it from moving?

Steven Jones says:

Great work on this well made tutorial. I suggest you consider also going over how to make a slide show of photos and videos. How to set the default time between slides, and default time to show each photo. Also, the Ken Burns effect; is there any options to change this?? Thanks

Najla Najem says:

أين العرب

Jake Jimenez says:

I recorded on my iPad but my video isn’t full screen how do u make your videos full screen

Justin McComb says:

to create a new library, click on new event (confusing!!) . . . too many adverts and very confusing narration. Maybe try moving the mouse pointer less, or at least more slowly without flicking it around would help. I turned this off after 3 minutes very frustrated

jackgoldman1 says:

Computerized voice is obnoxious and I have to move on after one minute or I will puke.

Yvonne Ologo says:

Thank you. This was extremely helpful

Rob S says:

Excellent, thank you!

David Martin says:

So comprehensive. A ton of information in a quarter of an hour! Well done, thanks! (ditch the robot)

martysgarden says:

Really helpful content, I have been using iMovie along with other editors in my iPad, but just upgraded to an iMac, so this really helped me get up to speed.
A video on vlogging using iMovie would be awesome.

Debra Craig says:

Good concise summary. Thanks.

jackgoldman1 says:

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Color Corn says:

This helped me so much! Thank u so much❤️❤️❤️

Artem Beziazychnyi says:

Thank you!!!

candeeZ says:

I just got a Mac today and im so excited to start using iMovie!!!!

Rick Wrightson says:

Well done and very helpful.

Bogz Wong says:

Thank you so much for this! It’s short but very concise on the things that I truly need to learn!

Jochen Dignef says:


Everytime I make a movie of 40 minutes with imovie, and I want to put this movie on a usb stick, I only hear the sound on my television, nothing else. What could be the cause of this?

Malka Davis says:

I’ll have to watch this tutorial several times and stop periodically to really get anything from it. It moved much too quickly for an old fart like me.

TrollPotatoe says:

can we export it to 60fps video

USABlogger2019 Broadcast TV says:

great info great tutorial. Thank you, Sir.

a single grain of salt says:

Ah this video will really come in handy for my audio/visual class, so thank you for making it! My tip to help your videos is maybe to make the scripts sound less uh.. robotic? While this is a tutorial/learning type of thing, I feel like more people would be intrigued by a more human sounding script. While Im not saying there has to be jokes or something, I just feel like the narrator could use some more passion and opinions. Also using phrases like “Amazing Transitions!” makes it sound like an advertisement, therefore making it less human. Hope this helps!

Nhi Nguyen says:


Alisa Khmelnitski says:

but i would like to have DVD iMovie 10.1.10 tutorial, how i should proced, thk

Ihab Ahmed says:

when I trim an mp4 video clip having a size of 120 Mbytes and want to save my project to a file the size becomes 10 Gbytes, is this normal

Michael Marrazzo The Midnight Handyman says:

Thanks for the video! Ive had my Macbook Pro for 5 years and never used this function having done everything on a PC. I am now creating content for my new channel and this is very helpful! Thanks!

Bernardo Fernandes says:

Thank you very much for such a superb tutorial video! It helped me a lot starting using the app!

Normand Dorais says:

Was useful for me thanks

Love, Life & Liver says:

hi! I think as per your likes you might wanna watch our video too. It’s hilarious, sweet and short to keep you entertained. Hope you take out time to visit us. Thanks 😀 IT was made on imovies too.

Tomás Morgado says:

Liked, very god video. Done. Mutual support. Thank you. Bell on.

Womapreneur says:

What a great tutorial on iMovie . It is detailed and I found it really helpful . Thankyou

Kerrie Redgate says:

I can’t cope with the robot voice. I prefer the original human from the previous versions. This is confounding me.

Benjamin Sanchez says:

I fucking love you guys

Jp says:

how do you burn the movie you create to a dvd?

Amazon Hard Truths says:

Can’t tell if this is a computer generated voice but great vid nonetheless!

Vanilla says:

This guy has literal no emotion at all.

Tim Wong says:

hi there, great video! i edited some video into shorter clips and have them on my timeline. how do i save these clips into individual files? thank you

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