iMovie Basics (2017): Video editing tutorial for beginners

A beginner-friendly tutorial for iMovie, showing many of the features needed to get started in editing video in iMovie.


Hildur Dagny says:

this was so helpful, i didn’t know anything in iMovie before i watched you. Thank you 🙂


very good and love your tutorial . learn a lot

VelvetWisp- AJ says:

can i use overlay in 10.1.6

Nik Hanif says:

this is perfect for someone who never use imovie before like me, thanks!

Debra Boss says:

When you cover how to add music to movie, you explain about getting music from youtube but skip how to get it into iMovie to use. ???? This stuff is not self explanatory for beginners.

Akstylez _ak says:

Good morning. Is there a way to get new backgrounds and better graphics

Thomasu Hyuga says:

how can you only have 50 subs??

Jeanette B says:

Nice and clear, thanks!

C Cartier says:

This was incredibly helpful! I’ve watched multiple tutorials that left me a little frustrated. This one covered everything in a very clear and simple way; I now know what I need to get started editing in iMovie. I was able to follow along and create a practice video, watching this tutorial, then pausing and executing the steps as they were instructed. Thank You!!

kuku muku says:

i need advanced cinematic techniques in iMovie…theres so many beginning videos

Kyczy Hawk says:

I can’t locate the CREATE button in You Tube to find some pleasant royalty free music loops: other than that this was a very helpful video. Bouncing between the two (you tube and my project) I was successful in my first editing project!

Best Places In The World To Retire says:

Thanks! Well done.

Paris in Paradise says:

Very helpful……thanks

Kyle Vanderzee says:

Great stuff, Nate! I may use this for training new video team members at church! Question: do you transcode your footage before loading it into iMovie? Whatever codec our Canon cameras record in seems to max out iMovie’s capabilities, and the audio drops out as we’re editing.

sam2houston says:

Thanks, I’ve been looking for a video that starts with the basics of iMovie, all the other vids I looked at skipped over all of the info that you covered.

Zenith Gaming says:

This video is really very good, seriously one of the best beginners iMovie tutorials out there! You are really good at covering even the small stuff so everyone understands. I hope you get more subs, you definitely deserve it.

rodeohero says:

Thanks. This got me going.

Kristina Wood says:

So Helpful!!! Thank you so much!

Zenith Gaming says:

I had to write about an iMovie tutorial for a school project in an evaluation form, and I thought you might appreciate seeing it as it is somewhat in-depth feedback. Great video, btw!

iMovie Basics (2017) is extremely helpful and well made. It covers everything that a beginner would need to know to create their own video in iMovie. TechTeacherNate is very helpful and includes all the basics from trimming video, to adding audio, to exporting and publishing the video after it has been edited.

This video starts off by covering the very basics of adding video and audio to your video. TechTeacherNate does not do what many people do and skip the most basic parts such as which button to press, as most people who know how to do these things view them as common knowledge and self explanatory. TechTeacherNate goes over all these little things, which makes his video extremely easy to follow even for the newest user.

During this, he also shows the viewer where they can get some of the clips he gets for his video so that they may use it too. He does this by first pointing the viewer to the iMovie audio library and then to the YouTube free audio library. This is very good because people are able to then go out and get these free resources to use in their own videos as well as helping people to follow the video more easily.

The video then shows the viewer how to do various different edits within iMovie such as transitions and adding text, images and voiceover. He shows every single step along the way, which makes the video very easy to follow. He also describes the shortcuts which can be used in iMovie, which can make life easier for new users, because they then don’t have to remember where all the buttons and menus are, and they can then make the video quicker and easier than without the aforementioned shortcuts.

Finally, the video shows how to export and publish the video, which is, of course, helpful because it shows new users how to export and publish their new videos.

Overall, the narrator was clear and concise, covering all the detail that was needed for a new user of iMovie, without making anything too complicated or adding more detail than was needed while also managing to show viewers where they too can access some useful resources such as free audio from iMovie and YouTube.

Rating: 9.5/10

Simon Roberts says:

how can i flatten my capture film before editing (fish eye )

Sheilah Amani says:

Thanks, this is a very helpful tutorial.

Jordan Baros says:

thankyou sir. its so helpful for me

Rob D says:

I imported a mp4 file (90.4 MB) into iMovie for trimming and lowering the visual quality (to make it more web-friendly). After editing, I exported it to a file on my computer. The resulting file was 343.3 MB!!! What did I do wrong?

Debra Boss says:

I’m back. Can’t seem to get a straight answer on the Youtube question. Please help! I need step-by-step how to get youtube audio onto iMovie. Thanks.

jcandrade says:

Thanks! Very helpful. Made it look easy and stayed on course, not jumping all over the place.

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