iMovie Basics: Learn to Edit LIKE A PRO!

This is a basic introduction to how to edit in imovie. Enjoy!


Me Cee says:

Thanks for posting. I have finally learned how to edit videos by watching your video.

John Ambooken says:


Jairah_ Btst says:

Can i ask on how to download songs on macbook?

FizGameZ says:


Wienerdog 785 says:

What are you using? For example Macbook Macbook Air Macbook Pro iMac Mac mini Mac Pro? And what year?

Besties Forever Crazy Girls says:

am what if your going to edit a vídeo is it the same becoyse if it is that is the most ridicoulous thing i’v ever heard

Bite Sized Blues says:

Fantastic!!! Thats pretty much all i needed to know without it being 30 minutes long!!! Cheers

designs4dance says:

Slow down. Very good.

GLOBALunbound says:

Yeahhh…. just use Sony Vegas Pro.

mountainwoman5 says:

Hi there Gabrielle, I have watched a few of these for beginning iMovie info. Basic is what I needed and this was awesome. Thank you.

Annette says:

Super helpful thanks for this !

Terry McGeary says:

All the video seems blurry to me. I can’t make out any of the text.

Camas says:


ShooterOnline says:

whats the program? please

S,s,s,ss Likesmsms, says:

starting my youtube channel soon so this was very helpful

xWr3cKAg3xJR says:

helped me out sooo much!

Awesomenderguy Gaming says:

This was very helpful, especially because I am getting ready to post videos on my channel. Thanks for the tutorial! 😉

Americano Coffee says:

To fast… jumping around too much

Made Madi says:

Thanks you helped me a lot, you just got a new sub!!!!!

Noella Richmond says:

Can you speed it up at specific times?

Mondo Aguadam says:

Great tutorial. I was looking into buying an app for video editing. I do a lot of kayak fishing so there are a lot of boring stuff that isn’t needed. I think this’ll do just fine. Maybe later once I can use this app 2nd nature, then and only then I may look into something more robust. Thanks again for posting 🙂

robviolin1 says:

Very helpful, thanks. How do I zoom in on a video?

Hayden Braje says:

I use garage band

Maskeraide HD says:

you said i moive comes on most computers XD you mean most macbooks. You should know people are going to be like uhmm what ?

M.A.Z. DIY life says:

Thanks for this vid❤️❤️

BMC 113 says:

Really Helpful, Thanks

Mehryvxtte T. says:

I got Imovie for free

FuntimChicaAndFriends 0w0 says:

it does not look kinda like a star it is a star

Aracely Montoya says:

Am a beginner to editing videos I have a hard time figuring out how to only add music to only part of the video not all of it. Can you please help! Thanks

Sunniva Kaurin says:

Thanks for the basic editing tips!

Jaspasito says:

how do you make images appear on the screen while you are still on the screen

chim alpharay says:

that’s really help thx a lot :))

XGamesPlays says:

I am extremely dissapointed that you did not discuss anything with garagband. Not even a little bit. But overall this was a helpful tutorial

OpTiCcZ says:

Thank you soooooo much… I just came to the right thing…. i subbed

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