iMovie basics (Tutorial 2017)

1. How to import media
2. Events vs Movies
3. The video timeline
4. Editing
5. Splitting clips
6. Adding Transitions
7. Audio Editing Basics
8. Picture-in-Picture
9. Adding Titles
10. Adding Sound Clips
11. And some other advice and recommendations!!


tristanplayzzz says:

why cant i see how many subs he had

Ninja Fan 123 says:

you didn’t say it cost money to download videos on youtube please mention that next time

Brikt Nobody says:

Thank u u are my hero xD

Shazam 2006 says:

Very helpful

Riftor - Sniping says:

God Damn it we could click and drag where’s the bleach!

Ashley Caballero says:


Billie Wallaker says:

Love how simple you kept it and how much I learned!! Thank you!!

bumshari_22 says:

Do we need to sign up for that website to be able to download video !!

Fun With Georgie says:

Thanks good info

MaGarz says:

Yea that’s what I was thinking

sterre gockel says:

Is it possible to get a virus from the ssyoutube…. ? Since there was a poppup screen ?

Romain HCR7 says:

When I want to drag any song from the converter or my Mac to iMovie, it shows that I am not able to put the song. There is no way to have any song. First without any clip it was working really fine, and I tried to get help but I have no answers. Can you help me ?

Alejandro I says:

arre, gracias

سيف خالد says:

Can we put an png pic on original pic

JDXO says:

If you grab videos or small clips from YouTube, will there be any issues with like copyright and such?

Tabatha Shelton says:

i just got off work < lemon pepper is fire

xiDabba says:

Dude made a video inside of a video. Legend

Todd Jacob says:

Great beginner video!

Brian K says:

Thanks, lot of good stuff here.

Highview Hill Micro Farm says:

Yeah I don’t want to make a movie out of still shots. I want to upload video from my sd card on my camera and edit it….I knew how on the old iMovie…can’t seem to figure it out on new iMovie.

John Doe says:

Umm. How about creating a home movie. As in “MOVIE”.

Ashley Caballero says:

you have to pay

WillzGamez says:

Lol The Copyright

Bernard Brogue says:

I don’t want to make a movie out of still shots either. Useless info.

R Chow says:

Too bad this doesn’t have anything to do with creating and editing a home movie.

Randy Villalon says:

thank you for the tips..

Janina Bannerman says:

Hello, do anyone know how to delete transitions that I have already applied?

glitterrama417 says:

wow! as a newbie, my head is spinning with lots of info to take in! very helpful though, thank you so much!

Kris Bee says:

So helpful! Thank you!

Debbie Kahen says:

This is the best and most simple Imovie tutorial that I found. Thank you!

L o i s R u a n e says:

This is one of my favorite videos in my search for a full beginner tutorial thank you and I know why you have so many views! MUCH APPRECIATED

WashingTone says:

Sweet thanks

Hector Mendoza says:

1:48 priceless information thank you

Daviszzz says:

am i the only one that thought this had 855,000,000 veiws

KenPlaysIOS Clash Royale Tips and Fails says:

Nice try with your channel name

Len Pritchard says:

Oh that all Youtube tutorials were as good as this. Nice one.

Ashley Caballero says:

when you put ss on youtube it doesn’t work. it takes you somewhere else

michael smith says:

when i try to change the speed, the speed ‘editor’ [?] screen is greyed out [latest version] . Not sure why, and I’m fed up with them changing things and wasting my time.

FabFour Family says:

It is not allowing me to download form youtube. It says I have to pay, I don’t see anything that says download for free at the bottom?! :/

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