iMovie for iPad – FULL CLASS – iOS 8 Version

iMovie is a simple, yet amazingly powerful app that will allow you to edit video right from your iPad. In this tutorial, Mac Guru, David A. Cox will walk you through everything you need to know about iMovie for iPad. This class was originally recorded in front of a live virtual audience on October, 4, 2014. To take our free classes, sign up on our website at

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Meda Sinicaite says:

I’m watching in 2017 lol

LaTonya Jiggetts says:

Nnnnhnu no unj ugh unhurt he nh ugh up

toxicdoqs says:

Thank you so much for this videos existence. I’ve been wanting to make more videos for a long time but I never knew how to edit correctly and decently.

j4k Sports says:

With iMovie can you add a URL into your video?

Defining CHAZ says:

loved this video! thanks!

Nick Kunesh says:

how do you do music for short amount of time

Duhnuh Mae says:

I wanna know how can you slow a transition down like its almost on another video while another video is playing


So it seems like the iMovie version I have on my iPad 2 does not have those features like picture in picture or extracting audio from videos, etc…., am I right?

Karl Ruehs says:

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!! His name is Cocks! COCKS!!!!!!!!!! OK Class, sit up straight!!!!!! 😀

Just Ben says:

I wish I could find something like this for the current version of imovie for ios..

Edgar Villalobos says:

buenísimo, hasta ahora no entendía la mitad de imovie, lo del split fué una maravilla 😀 jaja

Sharon S. Lee says:

Thanks David. You are the best!

Samantha Lane says:

Can not tell you how much this class has helped me! I do have a question…. i want to record and import my own guitar recording to my imovie video… how do i need to record my music and then upload it into my ipad for my imovie? please help!

rsty.c FTW says:

Im watching in 2017.

JAL says:

Great stuff David! Just got my ipad pro and will definately make use of imovie,!

Jonathan Butler says:

Excellent, useful information

Strathroy Antique Mall says:

what was this class recorded on/ like camtesia?

Renita Meares says:

Just now watching your videos. When I insert my photos or videos, it’s like changing my TV from Normal to Zoom, it crops them. Also, pinching and moving within the Ken Burns feature never holds. It just goes back and once again, it’s all Zoomed. Instead of a head and shoulder shot I end up with a partial head. What the heck?

NicholasChad says:

Pity he didn’t cover all the details

R F channel says:

Thanks nice video

rsty.c FTW says:

Is it me or is it just me? xD u started recording when the battery percent is 69. lol ;-;

Raif1230 says:


[ ] [ ] says:

David a cocks

Shahriar Afshar says:

Me too.

Xxbest ManxX says:

I hate life

The Rat Lord says:

Ill sub anyone who subs me sooner or later

Cathy Lankford says:

I’ve watched a lot of David’s training videos and I will say they are very informative and professionally constructed. Any of his training videos are well worth watching.

CilloSp8 YT,TWITCH says:

Can I get likes for no reason

Nathan Vlogs says:

Wow it is 2018…. 8 am very late…

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