iMovie for iPhone and iPad Tutorial for Beginners

In this tutorial I show you how to edit a basic movie using iMovie for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch. Think of this video as a iMovie for iPhone Basics. The following are covered in this tutorial:

1. How to create an iMovie video project
2. How to import video clips
3. How to add video clips to your timeline
4. How to split clips
5. How to add transitions
6. How to add titles
7. How to do a voiceover
8. How to add music to your iMovie video project
9. How to export and save your movie project

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Alejandro says:

How do you change the txt color?

Malak TV says:

please I want to put a picture inside the video with the HOW please answer

Ssshypee says:

Sub back

Barad Neupane says:

You didnt even play the video

iOSpro123 Helper says:

SUB to me if you Think this was useful

AileenAmanda says:

Help. Mine looks nothing like that . It doesn’t give me many options to edit videos ):

Cooper Kart Live says:

I Have An IPod Touch And I Use Green Screen Visual FX And Special FX

Pyromaster BOSS says:

So I had no clue what this app was till I needed an editing software or app and your tutorial was a great help

Celly L editing says:

Your great… thanks a lot

Hydro Gamez says:

Thx you really helped

Grigoriy Abramov says:

Thanks for the help. We did not fully understand this app until we saw the tutorial

DeltaTexGaming says:

when I make it shorter then my video stops playing WTF?

Tobek [Ikhwan Afiq] says:


Rachel P. says:

Very good video! Thank-you, it helped me a lot

ᒍEᖴᖴ ᑭᒪIᗩᔕE says:


Ice Inducer says:

This is sooooooooo Fantastic, awesome video editing especially for those who are beginners who edits video for the first time in their life like me! That is why it’s really worth it to buy an Apple product if you want a simple video editing, unlike WINDOWS there are sooo many unusable feature that you don’t know how to use it even the simplest trick. And WINDOWS video editing is so poorly optomized, very hard to understand and you have to upgrade to the PRO to get of AAAAAAALLLLL of the amazing features on it. Video Editing for iPhone, iPad and Macs are worth it. While, Windows is a No, No but ONLY if you are Programmer that has enough knowledge.

Big Time Dudes says:


TacoGaming // GAMES AND MORE // says:

Who heard him voice crack……

Icy PlayZ says:

This is helping Thx

Suiry Fuentes says:

When I do a picture edit on imovie, it won’t show the complete picture !! Please help

Big Time Dudes says:

Why don’t u just run the video stupid

Talizana says:

How do I zoom in on a clip?

Big Time Dudes says:

Don’t pause it

Frotan Inferno says:

Can you speed the video up higher than X2

grover austin says:


sadiel1 says:

awesome thanks

Blow your mind Films says:

Thank you

GD Tim says:

Is there a way to make a video clip larger or smaller? If anyone knows please reply

Animal Lover says:

what if u see part 1 2 3 4 and u cant get it off

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