iMovie for iPhone: Basic Tutorial


23v0lv32 says:

fuck this jerkoff music. what were you thinking using it?

;Kxty says:

The pics all ways move?


Thanks dude

Mustika Langit says:

how to get text on 2:50 ? on the computer

Rifa Rizanty says:

why my speed video only 1.0x? not 2.0?



Clear4ort says:

I need two videos side by side please help using I phone 6 with latest version of imovie

Ameen Pasha says:

How did u make that intro man

IdiotBoxProductionsTV says:


Veena V says:

I’ve finally downloaded imovie. Can’t wait to upload my first video using it!

Lexie Dewitt says:

if we want to add a music. Will it be taken from the itunes ? Or it can take from others music app ? Tqvm.

P E says:

Can you put like 4 little clips into one?

Slovenian Kangaroos says:

Is it good for skate edits?

Syuzi Harutyunyan says:

How to add music ?

Spencer Martin says:

How do you make the background into your video like im trying to do the news one but it wont go into my video

Berserkstroke says:

can you make the title bigger or subtext bigger?

steezydagod says:

how do you add music from YouTube to your movie ?

Makeitpro says:

what gen iphone is tat?

Michizzle TV says:


Ms. Nugget says:

how to fast forward on imovie

Kyler Collver says:

No Voice tutorial?

Fayel Degguiche says:

How to use a fucking template in iphone shit

Kawaii Okami says:

Thanks so much! ^.^

Minim Mincraft says:


Jenny Thian says:

Can Iphone SE download imovie free ?

Roblox For Life says:

mine is completely different ffs

shayla lopez says:

Does anyone know how to prevent the pictures from zooming in and out when you insert it in?

bt10ant says:

Thanks for this. If you could re-load it and do a narration of what you are doing while at the same time eliminate the music, it would really help!

Rubini Michel Torres says:

Can you change the font and color of a text? Also, how do I add a subtitle kind of text and not the big title kind?

Bougez Pilates says:

dommage que la musique empêche de se concentrer

Summer Wilkins says:

OMG thanks this helped me so much

IdiotBoxProductionsTV says:


MyLifeInMakeUp says:

This was very helpful, thank you. And I turned the musak down

Waslan Artistic says:

Please can you use it to create picture slideshow?

Neliss says:

omg 100 koments :DD

Barbara Whiffen says:

On your video, after you choose your template, you’re given quite a few options (microphone, camera, etc. on the left, then “tap to insert media/record video/more help” in the middle of the screen). Those options aren’t showing for me. I’m only able to select photos and videos to make a movie, but I can’t edit the videos (i.e. shorten the length).

I just downloaded the iMovie app, so it’s up-to-date and I just updated my phone software (iOS 10.2).

Any thoughts as to what might be happening?

makeup with nae says:

Can this be used on iPhone 4s

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