iMovie Tricks Nobody Knows!!! (Editing hacks)


HELLO! Just another video in my YouTube 101 series learning all about how to become a successful YouTuber! In today’s episode, we talk about the tips and tricks I’ve learned using iMovie to edit! Comment down below with more if I missed any, and as always, I hope this helped!!!

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Dejah Denise says:

Really helpful!!

shooklookdani says:

thank you!!

Lateral thinking Thinking out of the box says:

Thanks for your help and I want to say something that is your so much beautiful and great creative genius I also want to learn video creation like you with music. Can you suggest Me a course

gustiana mettasari says:

Hi Thank you very much for this hacks. I am so inspired by it! And I am actually just starting my Youtube channel by creating videos I edited from iMovie. It works so awesome! Thanks for the tricks!

Henri MJ says:

This help for my youtube channel

Jeff Dayton says:

Cool info Makayla… I made notes for my next iMovie project 🙂 btw, I’m from MN and my daughter is doing great on her channel… carrie dayton. Thanks!


I learned a couple of tricks! Thanks.

Donna DeRosa says:

Very helpful. Thanks.

Limå Mo says:

Any small youtubers that would love to support each other ?
– subscribe
-& comment
I’ll do the same back when done

mydaddycangame says:

Thank u very much! Just starting out with posting and editing vids on YouTube and this was very helpful! Looking forward to watching more from u!

Kelly Lehman says:

Learned a lot from you today. Thank you for the great video!!!

Kiss My Buttski says:

Wow. I got a headache watching this attention deficit disorder presentation. Try slowing down and taking a breath–it will be ok. Free tip, don’t load up on sugar and consume a energy drink before you make a video. Ridiculous.

Syara Chaudhry says:


Hairmetalmusic Rose says:

Hi…sent you a Twitter message with an Imovie question. Thank You. Love your videos.

Tiffany Nicole says:

Is this just for iMovie on laptops/desktops or can you do the same on iPhone?

A Day With Ray says:

So helpful thank you

XxKawaiiCroissant xX says:

Well now everyone knows

linza 01 says:

This video changed everything omg!! Idk how to thank you!!

Emerys Shaw says:

you saved me!!!

Julia Moore says:

love all of these hacks, def will be using them in my videos

欲homunculus 貪 says:

I have a big question. I always record with my voice from my headphones but when I put it to iMovie it doesn’t stay there the voice is removed

Kyllikkie says:

This was so helpful, thank you 🙂


Best video I’ve ever seen

Georgina Sparks says:

Tysm!!!! This was so helpful! I thought the colour thing was something you could only do on Final Cut Pro.

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