iMovie Tutorial for Beginners – How to Use iMovie

iMovie 10.1 Tutorial for Beginners. In this iMovie tutorial I show you how to create a movie, import media, add media to the time line, edit video, edit audio, add titles & text, and share (export) your video to the desktop and YouTube. Thanks for Watching!! ET

Part 1 – Creating a New Movie Project
Part 2 – Importing Media
Part 3 – Adding Media to the Time Line
Part 4 – Editing Video
Part 5 – Titles & Text
Part 6 – Editing Audio
Part 7 – Sharing Movies (Exporting)

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*** Camera Lenses ***
25mm F1.7 –
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12-60mm F3.5-5.6 –

*** Computers ***
Mac – Mac Mini (i5 2.6 GHz 8GB RAM SSD)

Intel i7 –
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB –

*** Editing Software ***

Mac – iMovie and Final Cut Pro
PC –

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Tazariaaa says:

Thanks for taking your time and sharing with us

Katie Russo says:

Immensely helpful, thanks so much!

Jenn Breton says:

When I click “create New – Movie”, it doesn’t ask me to chose a theme… 1:09 minutes in to this tutorial and I’m already having problems lol

Sandeep Acharya says:

Thank you Eric Timmer for this excellent tutorial! It was a perfect timer for me to graduate from iMovie 9.0.8 to iMovie 10.0.4

RyanDoesGames says:

No homo but you have a nice voice

Larry McDonald says:

I have three GoPro cameras videoing my helicopter flying, each camera is mounted in or on the helicopter at a different position, all filming from a different position in the same real time. How do I split each video to show what is happening at different angles in the real time of the video?

Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ) Capital Area says:

WOW! This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I have had iMovie for years and never ever could figure it out enough to comfortably use it. Now I have a much better grasp and will be using it extensively. You made a cumbersome software usable! Thanks!

Jamie Rose says:

What a great tutorial. Thank you!

Kyle Hines says:

Thank you so much!! This was the absolute best help!!

Nora Zhang says:

it’s soooooooo great and helpful!
tsk a lot really

Sam Iam says:

This was incredibly helpful! thank you for making this and offering it for free—it saved me hours of time and enabled me to get started right away on a project. I also appreciated the order of instruction because it exactly matched what I needed to know!

peterbarker56 says:

Hi Eric, I have had a fiddle with picture in picture but needed to change the aspect ratio of the inserted pic. I gather I cant do that ,is that correct?

The Herb Guide says:

Thank you – very clear instructions.

Frederick Godinez says:

Thank you for sharing your expertise!!!

John Earnest says:

I have been teaching for over 30 years using multimedia. I found your video to be done very well. Thank you. 🙂

Clare Bellehewe says:

Is there a difference between putting audio in the audio bar or under the footage? Do you get a different result?

A Spoonful of Steph says:

is there a way to change the background of the titles from black?

Alex Costanzo says:

Is the music in imovie already royalty free?

Lin Zee says:

How do I transfer a video from my iPhone 6s plus to my MacBook Air? My MacBook doesn’t have a spot for an SD card.??

Deefy says:

Thank you so much for the tutorial, great stuff !

char00les says:

Thanks for the video. I always wanted to get started in video editing and you. my man, helped me get started. Great work!!!

Walter Frank says:


painfullyhonest says:

what about when a photos library is not listed? I see imovies library and all events but no photos library

Zoltan Babjak says:

Thanks for the help! Great job!

mam1016 says:

Hands down best tute I’ve found!

Tisi Sandoval says:

Very helpful, thank you!

Jake Mendelssohn says:

Hi Eric,
Your tutorial was perfect and it really helped me a lot. I was having trouble figuring things out and you made it all seem so simple. Thanks!

JAckiE BERG says:

damn I’m getting excited to learn….

looks like in east texas vintage car show…(wills point)

Shey Shannow says:

Great info and very clear! Thank you very much!

Norma Medellin Makeup says:

Hi Eric hope you can help me one more time I’m using the newer version of imovie….was doing well until I i pushed something and can’t get out of a little mess…dowloaded my video…but I’m missing the bottom part of the ‘editing portion’ (unable to bring down the video to editing area) so unable to do any editing…so I have no idea what to press or what button to click. I have tried clicking different things and tried watching different videos. Hope you can help thanks.

Susan Freese says:

Thanks! This was great. You are very easy to understand.

Knighton Hd says:


cwld87 says:

Useful tutorial to learn the basics! Thanks!

Li Mike says:

wow! best tutorial! i use imovie edit my mavic pro(dji drone footage and upload it on youtube.

A-Dam BOOM! says:

Really nice tutorial Eric! i hope you don’t mind me asking the following (Apologies in advance if this has already been asked…)
I am struggling to find a way to import media from my Photos app which is now located on my external sd (because of space limitations on my mac ssd (500gb)). Has anyone overcome this problem without having import all files required over to their desk top first for delation after use??? Thx

peterbarker56 says:

Eric, that was very good. I like the way you went into detail of very basic things that other videos gloss over. I have never used iMovie at all, so I need  very detailed instructions and you have provided them .Peter, western Australia

Jessica Graham Robinson says:

Thanks so much, Eric! I am mostly editing one longer video — taking out pauses that are too long, cutting off the walking in and out, etc. Is there a way to zoom in during parts of a video? I’m a yoga teacher, so I need the wide angle when I’m doing standing poses, but during seated poses it would be really helpful if I could zoom in so I don’t look so far away. Is that possible? Thanks so much!!

Alpha Aesthetics says:

thank you that was so much helpful…..

Molly Cutpurse says:

When I open it up I get no timeline? What is going on?

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