iMovie Tutorial for Beginners

Learn how to arrange your video clips then add titles, music, and transitions as we make a simple film.


Mike McGeorge says:

Well done, if I,m not sure I stop recording go back and watch again, then write in my notes for references. thank you.

Vicki The Vlogger says:

OMGAWD! Right to the point,easy to understand!

Antonio Martin de la Escalera Hernández says:

Thank for your video kevin, It’s perfect if you want to start with ivideo

Anurag Tripathi says:

Sundar, sushil aur tikauu saala sidha 10min mien. Pura pel diye ho

Will Kovarik says:


Nero says:

Great video. Thanks for taking the time on making this video.

T-Im the man says:

Thanks Man this was very very helpful!!!

Rick Robinson says:

Really Really good tutorial for a novice. My 8 year old just watched it and is already starting on her video!

Greekgamer 1 says:

link for download

Nero says:

Hello is there a part two to this video. You made it easy for me to understand.

M27 says:

Thank you so much!

Jenny Walker says:

Perfect! Thank you so much for teaching in such a clear, no fuss manner.

John Drefahl says:

Thanks man.. this was really helpful..

Queen by Kat says:

Very helpful and simple, thank you! Great acting skills, too. Lol 🙂

Miracle 2925 says:

Hi everyone, just wanted to present my channel. I make IMovie trailers and it would be awesome if anyone could check it out, thanks!

THE PUSH 101 says:

how did you record the screen for this video

Razwan Muneer says:

Man you are a legend. Legit mate ! thumbs up for your great work. Cheers. please upload some more.

robby tannis says:

why does he sound like h3h3 productions guy?

robviolin1 says:


Ah Huang says:

This helps a lot! Thank you!

Anmol Airi says:

hey that was good but i want to know that how can i cut a part of video of like 2-3 sec???

GlobalDynamicsEureka says:

Fantastic job. It was clear and quick. Thank you.

Cameron Jones says:

I was into the plot more than the tutorial

Andrea Reo says:

Awesome vid! Thanks for sharing 🙂

sebastian segovia says:

only watched this because i am editor for a school project.
gud vid 🙂

tubejim101 says:

Thank you. Can you edit the transitions options? Say make to doors close instead of open?

Archery Stevens says:

Thanks for making this! Was getting into video editing & did my very first ever edit with the help of this video, it was a sucess.

Joshua M says:

Why does my videos on imovie turn to a red tinge? I’ll import videos from my action camera with a USB and they will turn into a red colour on the video!

The Sparrow's Nest says:

This was very informative. Thank you.

Sian Canning says:

Thank you, very well done.

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