iMovie Tutorial For New iPhone Users

This iMovie tutorial for new iPhone users video is exactly what you’ll need if you just picked up a new iPhone and you’re wanting to learn how to use iMovie. This step by step iMovie tutorial will walk you through the simple process of a basic video edit using the free iMovie app that comes inside of your new iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max.

This tutorial also works for older iPhone models and iPads.

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This iMovie editing tutorial was made for new iPhone users to help them get started with video editing on their new iPhone, be it the XR, XS, or XS Max iPhone, this video will work for you, as well as older iPhones and iPads.


Chelo Macabre Art says:

Hey Dee i’m not sure if you will receive my email but I sent you some cool stuff. Hope you like it!

Football Rapid says:

I have seen this before

Xtra unserious says:

Do you edit all of the videos on this channel through mobile apps? I want to learn how to do an end card like your on iMovie

DITE says:

Dee is any possible way to pay for promoting my channel or my video ?

Gregory Campbell says:

Subscribed for two reasons. One, great tutorial and two, I’m just now finding out that one of my favorite youtubers has a brother.

Bradly 105 says:

I came from Nick.


Tips helps a lot love is love

Entertainer says:

I was I was an iPhone user…..

Dreamer says:

Problem solved

LifeWithLowee says:

I don’t have an iPhone but still watching this vid because you’re awesome!

Time4 Fun says:

Thank you soooo much please reply thank you

1911 Ninja says:

Best free mirror camera app for android?

ColtenIgnitez says:

*Scrub Through It*

Abraham Bretholt says:

I’ve watched this one and KineMaster. I learned a ton in a very cool and focused way. Just want you to know I sincerely love your approach. Watch for my videos where I will be using what you’ve taught me!

MM Produces says:

Can you make more imovie tutorials

Siv Jeyashanker says:

Hey Dee is this a reupload

Daniel Batal says:

Very cool. You know, my main phone is a Samsung Galaxy but I have two phones on my plan and the other is a slightly older iPhone. I’ve never really felt super comfortable with the OS. No judgement, just a habit of using what works and what’s familiar which for me has always been Android.
I need to sit and play with this a bit. I did just get a DJI OSMO mobile 2 gimbal. Might be a good testing ground.

Travis McP says:

I have an iPad so I can use this!

Landon the Gamer says:

Help us use the pic in pic effect

Keith Wheeler Books says:

I thought I was having Deja Vu…lol! Great video Dee. I definitely will be using this app. Do you plan on doing a future video to cover the other elements of the app?(ie. trailer, theater, video)

Just curious. Thanks again for the amazing content.

CHEP says:

Nice video. I use iMovie on my iPad for all the videos on my YouTube channel. You don’t have to download either, if you scroll right when releasing you’ll find the YouTube icon so you can send it straight to your YouTube account.

Trisha's Journal says:

How do you make sure your phone is taping in portrait? Thanks.


Huhu i dont have an iphone XD

Iron Gordon - Art says:

I feel the imovie is underated, it really is a versatile program/app for churning out videos. Good video Dee, congratulations on 10k!

Nick and Andrew's Page says:

I think GarageBand is more user friendly on the iPhone. I ve played w iMovie it’s pretty cool to play with.

QueAquatics says:

Thank you Dee

MrMeatHook says:

Outstanding video Dee! I had actually promised one of my friends that I would make them a video just like this. I guess you saved me the time in having to do it. I shared the video with him and he said it was exactly what he was looking for. Perhaps one day you might do a tutorial for more advanced users? I would definitely watch. I use iMovie on iPhone for all of my videos and I’d love to see if there’s anything I haven’t found yet while tinkering with the app.

Rocking C Homestead says:

We use imovie on my laptop but never on the phone. Looks pretty easy on the APP. Great video.

BHR TV says:


Kripsis says:

I have a question if my threshold in Google ads is full it is 50€ is that good or no because it is telling me that I need to pay 50€ to something

EcCeNTriC Cuddless??? says:

Am I late again XD

Esther Modella says:

How to change the color of the text?

Glen Robertson TV says:

I’ve been using iMovie for two years and didn’t know I could zoom in awesome thank you so much Dee new subscriber here

fear fighter says:

How to cut piece of the text in imove.

Wione says:

I’m an android video creator; just clicked to see Dee! Great video as always! I’m loving your channel more than before now! Going very well on your thumbs !!

Nick Nimmin says:

I like this version better…hahahaha

Cooper Vlogs says:

So if your only using one video And you add a text, it stays on there until the video ends and you have to add a second clip how can you make that not happen

Moon Allured says:

I didn’t even know you could change the direction of the slide like that. Learned something new, thanks!

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