iMovie Tutorial: How To Use iMovie (App Tutorial) iPhone, iPad, iOS – Tricks, Hacks & Effects 2017

Wondering how to use iMovie? This iMovie Tutorial for 2017 has been timestamped, access the full YouTube description for timestamps and quickly navigate the various sections of this in-depth tutorial. You’ll learn how to use iMovie by watching this indepth video tutorial for iPad, iPhone or any iOS device. iPhone iMovie effects, iPhone iMovie hacks, tricks and more.


Looking for an iMovie app tutorial for 2016? Would you like to learn how to greatly improve your videos with simple basic editing skills? Whether your looking for an iMovie tutorial for the iPhone or an iMovie tutorial for the iPad, this very video has you covered.

How To iMovie Editing Basics: (Click Timestamp To Access Training)

1:55 iMovie App – Themes
2:25 iMovie App – Interface, Timeline & Video (Media) Browser Library
5:54 iMovie App – Trimming & Splitting Video Clips
6:35 iMovie App – Basic Editing Skills (Trimming, Jump Cuts, Audio Improvements)
7:01 iMovie App – Creating A Jump Cut
8:27 Snap Yo Fingers
9:36 My Tongue
10:00 iMovie App – Picture in Picture Effect
10:32 iMovie App – Ken Burns Effect (Basics)
12:00 iMovie App – Transitions
13:56 iMovie App – Undo Feature
16:00 iMovie App – Slide-in Transition
16:44 iMovie App – Adding A Title To A Video
17:45 iMovie App – Adding in Background Music iMovie App (Sound Effects)
19:25 iMovie App – Freeze Frame Feature

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Alexander Macleod says:

Amazing Video! as always… since I got my iPad I have always used iMovie and have created some fun videos and it is easy to use. It would take a lot to persuade me to use another video editor as iMovie is so good and does exactly what I want it to do.

Bibble Cute3 says:

What screen recorder do u use?

Kristi Downs says:

This is great, but how can I change the dimensions of a whole movie?

Gingerninja says:

Please dont be so annoying i just want to learn not watch a man be weird

Michael Hunt says:

Do a tutorial on how you made your intro, including the sound effects.

10TVMan says:

Thanks so much, Brian. I learned a lot. One question. I have an iPhone 7 iOS 10.3.2 and I cannot seem to get the audio wavelength to appear on the video clips. Any suggestions? It would really help in trimming those clips that have voice tracks on them. Thanks again!

Tyson Fairley says:

What other app u use

Jammy 123 says:

Can you get a copy right by adding the side affects and that stuff

Oncom Cabe says:

Hi Brian , I want to make a reaction video…. witch app that works best ? By the way cool video though

Wafa Bhayani says:


Tammy Sypniewski says:

Thank you so much Brian, what a tremendous help this was!

Mary Jewell says:

Hi Brian. Thank You for the video. I’ve learned a lot! I have a video of a man dancing. I added audio to it but the beats in the audio clip aren’t matching his dance moves. How do I since that in iMovie on IPad Air?

Allison Rain says:

Can you come teach me please?

Coffee Bean says:


Devin Street says:

I have that protective headwear!

Abby Pie says:

Great video!!!! Thanks I learned a lot!

Justin Acetin says:

Just Stupid

BlockPro : Minecraft says:

Great explanation, it helped me a lot

Nelson Junker says:

Hello Brian!! I’m from Brazil and I just wachted your video. I have a question for you. I’ve made a video talking and I want to put some photo in that “movie”, but the audio “stops”when I put some photos. I tried to separate the audio, but became diferent ( the audio and the video). How can I put some photos, without stop the audio? ( sorry for my english. I hope to made myself cleared). Thanks

McKell Coleman says:

Awesome!! I’m learned a lot just from this one video! I was wondering if there is an option to narrate a video as it is playing??

Ignacio Valens says:

I’m confuse… I wanna put a photo in a video but I want it in the Corner. If that make sense?

Joe K says:

Just a question but can kids under 13 years old start YouTube? Is there anything wrong with that? Is it against the law!?

tuono says:

great video, learned a lot

John Erbert says:

Hi BRIAN with iMovie on the iPad can I add my logo or watermark to my video. Is that option available for the iPad. Thanks

hang kwong lim says:

Thank you for doing this imovie tutorial! Helps alot!

Mike Rocha says:

Awesome video. I have a question regarding instagram. I’d like to post imovies with a border around them. The reason I want a border is so that I can have a static logo in the bottom right corner. How can I accomplish this? I am guessing I’ll need additional apps? I would like to keep this editing on my iphone or ipad but I would use my mac if I had to. Thanks

Kimberly Michelle says:

Brian, is there a way to change the font color on the text in iMovie when editing on iPhone? The white font doesn’t always show up well.

Dan Austin says:

Thanks for showing me how to use iMovie,I want to do more of this kinda stuff outdoors.Do you also have tips for filming outdoors?

Devin Street says:

Brian, after watch this, I’m interested. Do you use iMovie to edit your videos or a desktop video editing software?

SKYLuka Trninich says:


Jim Murrell says:

I just recorded my first video with iMovie and I liked it. Until watching this however I did not know how much I was missing as far as functionality. Thanks

Tawanna Rucker says:

This is exactly what I was looking for…thanks!!

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